One of the keys to success in any arena is ‘knowledge’. I am pretty sure you will agree to the adage that says “knowledge is power”? Well , we take it to the max. It is actually “knowledge that empowers you next step to action”.The knowledge of how dieting works will completely simplify the struggle, by in fact, eliminating it all together. In ‘How Dieting Works’ you are about to come upon a new paradigm. Even your whole world view may change because of the raw power of the information you are about to get radiated into your brain . This is how change happens, if the conditions for change are apparent. When the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change, this is the prime time for change.

So here is the big mystery unsolved, unveiled and exposed. Are you ready to find out how dieting works within the mirages of the weight loss industry? Okay,here goes. If we take in more fuel than we use up, we will have excess fuel. That fuel will be put in storage for when it is needed because of the way our physiology has been designed. This has been the basis for understanding how dieting works for many years. Our bodies are truly amazing. We actually hate this because the body stores this unused fuel as fat. Now to balance out the teeter-totter we need to be putting in what we burn up or replacing what we burn. It is all about balance. Once the systems of the body are balanced or are closer to the ideal, we have a much easier time of it. But how does this happen?

How do we get where we need to be? Through dieting? We all know what we have been told or read about in the Hollywood-Atkins-Palm-Beach diet. For the most part these diets do not work because they are not sustainable. They are not an adaptable long term solution. In fact, they are trying to do for us what is not natural and are very often intrusive in that we have to prepare ourselves mentally and physically to endure until we reach our ideal weight. But then what? Truth be known, we have been programmed to think in these terms of ‘diet’.

It just doesn’t work per se. Most of us who have been on one are still looking for that kind of perfect solution or magic pill. In fact many of us bounce around from one diet to the next.We become discouraged, get fired up about another, yet hoping that the next will be it – the one solution to solve the plaguing problem. That is, until we examine our thinking. This big solution however, is much simpler, and it is about taking control because we see a missing piece of the puzzle.One we apprehend this missing piece, we are empowered for our next course of action.

This is how dieting works. Dieting is a huge industry of promised solutions.’ Kinda like politics in the way it is fed to us.

To get the real truth we must understand that our own body systems have been so designed to correct what may be amiss. Sound simplistic? If we do take the correct approach which is not some ‘eat this, not that ‘ package, there will be a subsequent understanding of how dieting works in the truest sense. For more clarity on this subject please feel free to click on the following link: or scroll down to link at bottom.

English born Stephen John Baker is a contributor and originator of several blogs , one of which is Netspin ( )He is a lover of the word and the music of the soul. He is a songwriter, composer and engineer (Mr. Stevi B and the Intergalactic Light Machine) and is also a lover of freedom as a citizen of the greatest country this world has ever known, the United States of America. Yes, I guess you could call him patriotic, and proud to be so. He is also a great believer in the adage “knowledge is power” and is what infact, empowers action, especially in the arena of healthy weight loss.

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