I really wanted to share with you 10 awesome tips that will kick start your journey to finally getting rid of that excess fat that has plagued you for years! These are tips that I actually used for myself to help me shed more than 25kg of excess fat AND keep it off! Some things are easy, small changes and some may be a bit bigger and harder to do, but, it really does work!

It is all about small choices you can easily make every day to set up your environment to make it easier to reach your goals. Let’s check them out:

1. Soft drinks – Switch to diet versions, teas or best yet water.
These are usually the king for preventing people to losing their weight. Mainly cos it’s a liquid that you can just gulp it down so easily which instantly pushes all these extra calories inside of you.

2. White Breads – Change over to whole meal/wholegrain breads.
The more refined or “white” breads are, the faster it is to digest, and with carbohydrates (the main part in breads, rice, pastas, etc.) you want it to last as long as possible! The longer it takes for you to digest your carbs you will have more lasting energy and the LESS chance it will turn to fat!

3. Milk – Switch to skim or at least low fat milk.
Again as milk is a liquid, it is very easy to get it inside of you. Skim can be hard to switch over to straight away, so maybe try the reduced fat milks first.

4. Fruits and Veggies – Eat one or more of these every meal!
Veggies are basically free calories! You can eat as MUCH of them as you want! They help you get some bonus vitamins and minerals as well help keep you fuller for longer plus your body will love you for the extra fibre that it gives you which helps boost your metabolism! Fruits are just as good, just eat them rather than drink them!

5. Pots and Pans – Invest in some top of the line pans and pots.
High quality pots and pans will reduce your need to cook with oils and butters, as doing so can cut down the calories of each meal have. Also has the added bonus that it makes cleaning a lot easier too!

6. H2O – Drink 1 liter of water per 25kg of your body weight plus 1 for each hour of exercise, minimum.
Water helps with digestion and also flushes out all the nasties inside your body. The cells of your body need water to keep their strength. So just like how a plant shrivels up and dies without water, so do the cells in your body. It also helps you feel fuller to curb those munchies so keep a glass or bottle around you for you to sip on.

7. Have at least 5 meals a day- That doesn’t mean 5 huge meals though!
Every time you eat your body goes into “burn mode”, and your metabolism gets a turbo boost. If food intake is constantly around 3 hours apart, your body starts to catch on and knows more is gonna be on the way, so it is much less likely to store the excess food as body fat. However if you only eat twice a day, then your body goes into “starvation mode” which means it’s gonna store every bit of food as body fat as it can!

8. Sauces & Dressings – put on half what you normally put or better yet none!
After cutting back on the salts and sugars, your taste buds will “reboot” themselves. So after a few weeks with reduced sauces and dressings everything will now have so much more taste then before. Unfortunately all these food companies slam in so much sugar and salts into our food that we have all have become used to it, kind of like how you first get into a hot spa and it’s too hot at first, yet later you get used to it. So once you are able to resist adding compliments in those first few couple of weeks, everything will taste so much better, naturally.

PS: Don’t ever add salt though, we should be having no more than 2000mg a day.

9. Tell your friends your goals! – So when you are tempted to indulge, think of not failing them!
Why? Studies have shown that if you tell people around you about your goals, you are more likely to achieve them. This means the more people you tell of your goals to the bigger support you will have for losing weight or staying motivated!

10. Don’t give up! – If you have had a bad day and you binge, or miss the gym, don’t give up!
Everyone has those days, where you have thrown in the towel and just snacked down a whole bag of chips, or missed your training sessions for no good reason. Don’t let that get you down, just pick yourself up and keep going. Failing is if you stay down after you fall, success is picking yourself back up and trying again!

11. I know this is a top 10, but here is a BONUS motto to get you past those cravings.
“No food will ever taste as good as being fit and sexy feels!”

Take care and please, never give up on your goals, if you don’t stop, you will be UNSTOPPABLE! I know you CAN do it!

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