Too many guys in this world have the completely wrong idea about what women want. For some reason, our society has no problem perpetuating the myth that women want a tall, dark, handsome, rich guy who drives a Porsche and is a powerful, successful businessman.

Not so much. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the guy who meets all those criteria is a slouch in the dating department. No way, that guy gets more action than the rest of us put together. But my point is that you don’t have to be that guy to please the average woman. Even the woman who is drop dead gorgeous, super intelligent and possibly has the most engaging personality around may not want that guy.

Women don’t always want to date someone who has a higher social value than they do. Sometimes they are looking for other traits in the men they date, fall in love with and marry. Let’s take a look at five things that women want:

1. Women want someone who knows what he wants. That means a guy who isn’t afraid to have an opinion and isn’t afraid to have strong likes and dislikes. It is extremely attractive to women to date a man who has enough empathy to care about what she wants, but isn’t afraid to speak his mind about what he wants.

2. Women want someone who takes care in his appearance. You don’t have to be that tall, dark and handsome guy. In fact, you truly don’t even need to be handsome. What you need to be is well groomed. You need to make sure everything about you is groomed and that you have taken time to find clothing that flatters your body and makes you look your best. It isn’t hard to do. You can easily ask for help from a sales clerk. Invest in some really good clothes and keep them pressed and polished. Make sure your hair is nice, you smell good and your nails are clean. It’s not rocket science, guys. Learn it. Live it.

3. Women want someone who listens. It is helpful to be witty and able to engage in stimulating conversation, but the hands down most valuable trait you can develop is the art of listening. Anyone who is a good listener is automatically viewed as a great conversationalist. Women want to be heard.

4. Women want someone who is fun. Don’t be so serious all the time. Let out your inner child and don’t be afraid to make fun or yourself every once in a while. It will make you very lovable.

5. Women want someone who makes them feel good about themselves. Look at it this way: Your job as a man is to make your woman feel good about herself. If you don’t have anything nice to say or any way to build your date’s self-esteem, then you should be dating someone else. Spread a little love around and recognize all the wonderful qualities that another person has to offer.

Bill has been a pick up artist for the last 5 years in NYC and can teach you the skills you need to be one, as well, including how to text a girl. The original article can be found here: What Girls Want in Guys.

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