Dieting can help you attain some short term weight loss goals but if you are after long term weight loss then dieting is definitely not the way to go. With weight loss your motivation should not be just losing weight so that you can change the way you look, the motivation should also be health and fitness. You have to attain optimum weight goals so that you can be fit and healthy. And for a healthy life style we all know that we need to eat a balanced diet every day. So how on earth are we going to attain this if we diet?

You can most definitely should cut down on unhealthy diets. Junking and eating when you are depressed are all unhealthy eating habits. You should work on eliminating these habits you’re your lifestyle. They are not what I am targeting here – Cutting down on essential dietary requirements is probably where the problem is. This is what I don’t recommend.

When you diet, you will most definitely lose weight in the short term – But after a certain period of time, your body will crave the foods you have been missing out and as a result you will start eating junk. This will result in you gaining back all the weight you lost in the first place, if not more.

When you starve yourself of the essential diets then your mind will not work effectively too – you will lose concentration easily, become irritable and moody. You will not be able to perform your best in any of your daily tasks. No wonder the first three letters of the word diet is ‘die’.

Instead of wasting time and energy by dieting, find some weight loss motivation, start exercising and lose weight the right way. The right way will have long lasting effect – Exercising will also put you in a good mood for the day.

The author, James W Terry, is passionate about helping people reach their goals. James believes that reading weight loss motivation books is one of the primary ways in which you can stay motivated and lose those extra pounds. On his website, he presents to you some of the most powerful and inspirational weight loss motivation books ever written.

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