One of the most overlooked keys to a successful life is balance. It is a goal that is not as exciting as some other things. Nevertheless, it is the basic component to living a happy, fulfilled life.

We all tend to get out of balance occasionally. Where this becomes a problem is when certain areas take on more importance than others. This goes against our natural state as human beings. We have many different needs that yearn to be fulfilled. If not, emptiness is the result.

Below are the seven areas of life which should be focused upon daily. Do at least one activity in every area to maintain proper balance. This will result in a greater degree of happiness in a short period of time.

1.Physical: If you don’t have your health, success in all other areas tends to be diminished. The merits of good nutrition and exercise are well-known. Implement a regimen that consists of aerobic exercise coupled with weight lifting. The benefits of increased energy, esteem, and overall health become a major stepping-stone to success.

2.Mental: Use the mind for something more than a sponge sopping up useless knowledge off television each night. Set aside time to read books that expand the mind. Also, reactivate your dreaming mechanism that was present as a child. Think about what you would like to have, do, be, and enjoy. Consider where you want to contribute and what type of legacy you want to leave.

3.Spiritually: Get in touch with the universal connection to something bigger than ourselves. Meditate, pray, and attend spiritual group activities. Interact with like minded people who share similar views on the divine. Nurture the spirit within to provide balance and harmony when there is discord.

4.Emotional: Release the baggage of yesterday. Accept that what occurred in the past cannot be changed. Practice the art of forgiveness and letting go. Emotionally detach from situations that cause you heartache. Get in touch with the deep-seeded emotions through hearty laughter and crying. Both help to cleanse the body of the tension produced by negativity.

5.Social/Interpersonal: We are created as social beings-entertain this aspect of yourself. Make regular contribution to humanity by doing something kind for others. Strengthen the bonds by interacting with those closest to you. Join clubs and organizations to find people with similar interests.

6.Financial: Obviously working is part of our financial equation; a large part. However, to get ahead, attend to the other areas of wealth building. Daily, tend to your investments to make sure they are performing as desired. Learn all you can about different investment vehicles to broaden your knowledge base. Begin to implement these strategies thus diversifying your investment portfolio.

7. Family: It is terrible to see someone who is a huge success have nobody to share the joy with. Do not overlook those closest to you. It is easy to take them for granted. Spend the extra time with the children creating memories they will carry with them for a lifetime. Give your spouse the desired attention while doing the little things that lets him/her know that you care.

Concentrate on completing at least one action in each of these areas everyday to create the balance and fulfillment that so many seem to miss. It will lead to a happier life.

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