Low calorie recipes work on some simple principles. When intake of calories goes down, then the body starts to burn fat in order to replace the required amount of calories. This simple phenomenon is achieved by low calorie recipes and is highly effective in reducing weight. Vegetables are the best ingredients of low calorie recipes. This not only helps in weight loss, but also helps in distancing heart related diseases, blood pressure, cancer, or any other illnesses. Meat is one source of saturated fat and high cholesterol. They contribute to various diseases generously by building fat in arteries.

When looking for low calorie recipes or attempting one on your own, remember that a recipe full of vegetables contains zero fat and is calorie free. Mostly diets containing animal products cause a variety of diseases like cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. These are not only life threatening issues but may also make a person lead a dreadful life with numerous difficulties. Apart from meat, chicken or turkey is another highly used animal products. Though these are rich in proteins, high levels of cholesterol makes the digestion more complicated. As these animals are raised in factory farms in order to make them more healthy and bulky they are fed with excessive hormones as well as antibiotics. Humans, in turn, consume these animals and we receive the hormones that they are fed.

Overconsumption of such hormones or antibiotics that come from animals may give rise to chronic and epidemic diseases. This also hinders the body’s development and causes harmful changes in the body. Only low calorie recipes can help deter this problem. Incorporating vegetables in your diet daily is the best method to accomplish it. Studies have proven that plant based recipes or diets are totally fat and cholesterol free. Plants are full of all essential vitamins, nutrients, proteins and minerals. These also contain rich amounts of fiber and complex carbohydrates, which help in breaking down food substances slowly according to the needs of the human digestive tract.

Some of the important low calorie ingredients that you should look for when trying low calorie recipes are specified below. These are low calorie food items which should be incorporated in daily diet and thus gives an effective result. Dark green leaves and spinach are highly recommended plant based recipes which can be a part of your daily diet in the form of salad, sandwiches or snacks. Whole grains and oats are other ingredients that you should look for in low calorie recipes which provide all vital elements to the body.

Soybeans are another rich source of protein, and they do not have very many calories. Bright colored vegetables like red peppers and carrots are other add-ons to this list. Strawberries, blueberries, or blackberries are also recommended food items. Thus incorporating these low calorie food items benefits your health and effectively reduces body weight. Research has proven that people who eat low calorie food items containing only vegetables are less likely to develop heart related diseases.


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