It is not easy to attain a flat stomach just like that; you have to work hard for it. Following are a few tips for a flat stomach that you may find helpful. First of all, you have to understand the most important thing of all. If you think that you can practice only those exercises which will give workouts to your bulging belly and leave out the rest of your body, then even after working out strenuously for 10 years, you won’t see any visible results.

Your belly or stomach is just a portion of your body and unless you work out your whole body and strip the fat from all portions of your overweight physique/figure, how can you even think of losing fat from your belly? To flatten you abs and lose the tiers of fat from around your tummy which give rise to ugly paunches, you have to perform exercises which will target your whole body and then after rigorously going in for full body exercise, you may think of spot training and do a few specific exercises targeted at trimming your abs.

So obviously, you cannot escape from the swimming, cycling, jogging routine coupled with resistance training, weight lifting, muscle building, turbulence training exercises. Give cardio a miss for it is not beneficial in losing weight. Then for some spot training, you can do the different types of crunches which will tone up the abdominal muscles and tighten the abdominal wall.

One more belly buster that you should try out is torso twist. To tone your belly fast, you should regularly twist your body from the trunk upwards, once towards the right and once towards the left and you should increase your speed with practice. You can even perform these trunk twists and other ab flattening exercises in the water to create greater resistance because you have to work really hard to overcome the resistance exerted by water and besides it is difficult to cheat the water.

Side bends and front bends are also helpful in giving a workout to your stomach. In fact there are gymming equipments available called twisters which you may use to perform the twists and they are extremely helpful in shedding the extra calories from your tummy.

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