It is only two more weeks until summer comes and perfectly toned bodies are in the air. You on the other hand have been eating everything and anything to keep warm during winter. You don’t want to look like the odd one out so you call as many people as you can desperately asking them to help you lose weight before summer comes and everyone hits the beach. In quick desperation you choose your best friend’s crash diet that not only crashes your metabolism but also has you gaining weight at the beginning of summer!

Enough said – what is your get in shape plan? Is it some crash diet involving no food except for the occasional glass of water? Or does it involve an excruciating work out at the gym with a mile on the tread mill and another mile in the gym swimming pool? Or maybe the question should have been do you have a get in shape plan?

With a lot of information about the ultimate get in shape plan buzzing around you like a bee, you are probably saturated with all that unsolicited material. You don’t have a clue about which one works and you don’t have a clue about how to begin that get in shape plan that is if you have a plan at all!

Nothing can be more motivating than having a goal to meet, especially if you have a group of people to help you along. So the first thing to do is get a get in shape plan and get a few other people with their own plan. That way when you start you have people supporting you all the way.

Do your research. Not everyone has the same body, metabolism and exercise requirements. What works for you best friend will not work for you. Stop calling her and find out what works well for you. See a nutritionist or your family doctor; they probably know more about your body than you do. Find out what

Start small and work your way upwards. Not only will this feel great but it will help your body get used to the changes you’re making in it.

Have a mixture of exercise and eating foods that are appropriate for you body.

And when everything else fails try strip that fat the new dieting system that is set to teach you how to lead a normal life whilst getting rid of any unwanted fat that might be lurking around your body. Unlike other diets, this one focuses on teaching people how to eat foods that suit their metabolisms, and the secrets about water and its benefits.

Antonie Konig is an author interested in natural health and well being. I firmly believe that 90% of all our health problems are diet related. I maintain an active and updated health blog where I prefer to focus on natural cures – Libido and Health. Learn about the health and weight benefits of keeping a journal and strip that fat!

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