In order to find out which fast weight loss diet is adequate for an individual, the cause of overweight needs to be analyzed thoroughly. This can be easily discovered during a physical checkup at your health care provider’s consulting room. Once you find this out and establish a target weight, you are free to start following a weight loss diet.
Whether a dietary plan is a fast weight loss diet or not depends from one person to another, as the metabolic rates are not the same. Besides that, your body type will influence very much the weight loss process. However, there are several guidelines that can be followed by everybody who is interested in getting rid of the extra pounds.
A fast weight loss diet must be characterized by a certain calorie intake. This also depends on your body weight, so you are highly recommended to use a calorie calculator. After entering your age, gender and weight, the calculator will return the amount of calories that your body needs in order to function properly. Next, you have to enter all the foods that you consume throughout the day. In order to lose 1 pound, you need to decrease the intake by 500 calories. More complex calculators are able to determine the calories burned from various physical exercises, after entering your body weight and the duration of the exercise. In order to reduce the calorie amount easier, you are recommended to decrease the calorie intake and to increase the intensity of exercises.
Besides the foods that it includes, a fast weight loss diet should also include some advices regarding the dietary habits people have. For example, chewing thoroughly and increasing the duration of your meals will help you to reduce the food intake. In general, eating in a hurry is caused by elevated stress levels, so these must also be reduced.
In order to provide the expected results, a fast weight loss diet does not have to be very restrictive. In fact, it has been proven that cortisol, a chemical substance that is produced when under stress, is found in higher quantities when drastic restrictions are applied. This leads to an increase of blood glucose levels, followed by a sudden decrease. As a result, you start having migraine headaches and lack energy. Small and frequent meals intercalated with snacks, on the other hand, will maintain the cortisol levels normal and will prevent the other effects from taking place. 
Caffeine needs to be excluded, if you look for a fast weight loss diet. This substance affects the levels of blood cortisone, especially when under pressure. This steroid hormone is similar to adrenaline, meaning that it is a stress hormone. The levels of cortisone increase proportionally with the caffeine intake. If you want to prevent this and to enjoy a fast weight loss diet, you need to limit caffeine intake. The other guidelines will also help you to lose weight faster, but the best results are obtained when combining all the advices available.

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