Living a balanced life when you’re schedule is full of items to do can be quite the challenge. But with dedication to your well being, a balanced life can be achieved. Following are seven of the most important components for living a balanced life.

Seven Components for Living a Balanced Life:

1. Good Eating Habits: Eating at a fast food restaurant now and then is not harmful, but it’s not something you want to make a habit out of. Try to eat fresh vegetable and fruits daily, and watch out for those sweet snacks full of empty calories.

2. Regular Exercise: This doesn’t have to mean that you go to the gym every day, but some form of regular exercise every other day can be very beneficial to your circulatory system and can help bring oxygen to your cells to keep you in good spirits.

3. No Smoking: You are already surrounded by enough carcinogens of which you have no control over. Smoking is one carcinogen you do have control over and don’t have to inhale. Your lungs are very valuable to your healthy living.

4. Healthy Body Weight; Excess body weight can take a toll on your legs and can cause permanent damage to your lower extremities. Make an attempt to reach a healthy weight for your body type. When you reach your desired body weight, do your best to maintain it.

5. Good Night’s Rest: Getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night is the recommended ideal. It helps keep your reflexes alert so you may respond appropriately in any given crisis situation. It also helps in maintaining emotional balance. Emotions are exaggerated when you’re tired.

6. Quiet Time: Spend some type of quiet time by yourself without any stress. This is the perfect time to regain your sense of balance in your life and help reduce stress. A meditation practice can count as part of your quiet time. It helps you get a moment of clarity.

7. Conscious Contact with a Higher Power: When you wake up in the morning, be grateful and say ‘thank you for a new day’ and at bedtime say ‘thank you for today’. Keeping a conscious contact with your Higher Power lets you know you’re not alone.

Implement these seven valuable components into your daily life and your body will reward you with good health. Do it for your one and only body you possess and have control over. With dedication to your well being, you can do it!

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