Can the 11 Day Diet really work, is Fat loss 4 Idiots any good? These are perfectly legitimate questions to ask. We all know that normally diets that promise fast weight loss are fad diets.

On the 11 Day Diet – Fat Loss 4 Idiots and concept is used that is called calorie shifting. This means that you consume a different amount of calories each day. This keeps your body from going into “starvation” mode and slow down your metabolism to conserve energy for the most important bodily functions. This helps with burning all that excess fat and that is why you can lose 9 pounds in 11 days. You do not have to do any exercises to lose weight and burn fat.

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With a fad diet you can normally only follow the diet for a limited amount of days. Once you have finished those days you normally have to eat normally for a few days before you can start again. You will find that in those “normal” days you gain some of the weight you lost back. The reason for this is that a big part of the weight you lost was only water and as soon as you re-hydrate you put that weight back on. You may also feel very weak because most of the rest of the weight you lost were muscle instead of fat.

The calorie shifting in fat loss 4 idiots prevents all that. Your body is tuned into a fat burning machine and the weight you lose is fat and not water and muscle. You can also follow the 11 day plan over and over again until you reach your desired weight. Because your metabolism does not slow down and because you are not losing muscle you also do not feel so tired. Fat loss 4 idiots also has a guide that teaches how to maintain your ideal weight once you have reaches it.

Another problem with these “quick weight loss” diets is that you usually can eat only a very limited variety of food. Most of the time it is the same food you have to eat all the time, over and over again. It is often boredom that makes you abandon the diet. Others are far too high on fat to be safe or they contain no fruit or vegetables which can lead to malnutrition.

In fact you tell the diet generator what your food preferences are and it generates a diet uniquely suited to you. Of course certain food simply cannot be part of a weight loss diet and you will have to make some sacrifices. You will not go hungry though as you are allowed to eat until just before you are full.

We have to be realistic here; you are not going to lose weight without a little effort on your side. With the 11 Day Diet – Fat Loss 4 idiots, you will find it easier than with any starvation diet or a diet where you have to eat all the same food all the time. Fat loss 4 Idiots are not perfect for sure, but it is one of the best option our there and well worth a try.

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