When you are trying to find a quick weight loss diet for yourself, make sure you find out upfront how many calories it needs to provide. Currently, you are consuming some amount of calories that is keeping you at your current weight. Find out how many calories maintain you at this body weight, then subtract 500. You now know how many calories you’ll need daily to lose weight!

That’s right. The number 500 is the magic number here. When trying to lose weight, your aim will almost always be a daily caloric deficit of 500. When you are expending 500 calories more than you are taking in daily, you will burn 3500 calories in one week.

It just so happens that there are almost exactly 3500 calories in one pound of fat. This means you can burn one pound of fat in one week. It is important that this daily deficit of 500 calories will come out of your diet. It’s ten times harder to burn calories than it is to not eat them in the first place.

When determining your current caloric intake, make a list of all the things you eat on any given day. Then figure out how much exactly of those things you eat. Check the labels of all your foods to find out how many calories they. With all this information, you can calculate exactly how many calories you are currently taking per day.

Subtract 500 from this amount of calories, and design your own weight loss diet so that it gives you the right amount of calories you need to lose weight. The diet has to contain enough carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids that your body will still be able to function normally.

Around 10% of all your calories need to come from fats. The rest of the calories should come from the proteins and the carbs in almost equal amounts.

When you get yourself on a diet for weight loss this way, you are setting yourself up for long term success!

Article Source: http://ezineseeker.com/?expert=James_S._Thornton

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