Cholesterol balance in our body is affected by many factors. Age is one such factor, and we cannot control age. But exercise and diet are factors that are inside our scope of control. Even older people can manage to handle exercise and diet. We will take a closer look at the connection between cholesterol and diet.

Probably the most important things people want to know when they think the time has come (again) to cut some of the daily food intake is which diet is the best. Although we are all different beings, we all share the same goal: a diet that can help control our cholesterol level. That is why we have to think cholesterol and diet as one package. Some sort of miracle pill or eating plan can reduce cholesterol. That’s actually the second part of the big wish: how to make sure that all the cholesterol control through dieting stays lost through the years.

Diet is probably the most important thing to consider when we decide to control our body’s cholesterol balance. Although we have different live style and favor, we have a common goal to manage our cholesterol balance. I use the term cholesterol balance because we need to lower one type of the cholesterol, and raise the other. So the balance is the important factor.

In the world of instant food, the art of balancing between cholesterol and diet is lost. Now people mostly depend on magic pill that can lower our cholesterol. The huge number of diets published, makes people confuse. Some of their rules even contradict each other. They even do not know what dieting really means and about the right way of bringing our arteries back in shape. The growing heart decease cases have turned preventive health live style to surface.

Experts said that our food contribute around 20% of our cholesterol level. That means if you cut all of the cholesterol in your food into zero level, our cholesterol level will only decrease 20%. That is the defensive side

But, you can select your diet to combat cholesterol. That mean we eat something that has zero cholesterol and that food will help lower our cholesterol level. That is an offensive site in the cholesterol war.

One study reveals us this fact. One or two hours after consuming a high fat meal, our blood-flow is measurably less. We have all experienced this at Christmas. When we eat fatty meal a lot, we experienced a kind of sleepy. What if you eat a low-fat meal? The blood flow goes up. Knowing this fact will make people not afraid to make big changes in lifestyle. They are worth the benefits.

Think your food as your drugs. In fact if you think about your cholesterol and diet, you can enjoy it as give good contribution to your health.

Hartono is writer of Lowering Your High Cholesterol Level e-book. He always searches numerous sources from journals, internet, book, researches to personal research. Cholesterol, Atherosclerosis, and Antioxidant are his main concern for our health.

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