When you are ready to tackle losing a few pounds or more, there are just a few things to keep in mind. We all know the hint about drinking a glass of water, and how it fills you up before a meal. However, you might not realize that a cup of low calorie soup can also do the trick, yet it is much more satisfying. Here is another idea, allow yourself a treat now and then. You will never be able to keep the weight off if you do not know how to eat things in moderation. Perhaps you might diet all week and allow yourself to have a treats each weekend day. This might work out nicely in case you are out socializing with friends.

Do you know that a chef salad with meat in it can be very satisfying? My favorite is to add a few cut up slices of various lunch-meats, a chopped boiled egg, and a sprinkling of grated sharp or any flavor cheese. A couple chopped or sliced olives adds great flavor. Use a small amount of diet or lite Italian dressing and mix well, coating the salad with the yolk of the egg, giving it a delicious taste that is infinitely more satisfying to eat. This salad replaces the meal though, it is more than enough to satisfy, and though olives are high in calories, using a couple and slicing and dicing makes the flavor go a long way. Never forget to count the calories (at least once) to figure out how many are in your salad so you will know.

Beware of fat free food, it is loaded with sugar, and most sugar free food is loaded with fat! Instead, find foods meant for the diabetic, you might find they will work for the diet since both fat and sugar are no-no’s for the diabetic. Anything you can find that is calorie free can aid in weight loss. There are many small sugar free candies, which are very low in calories. As long as you have no reaction to the sugar substitutes, then using them occasionally to quiet cravings for sweets is ideal. They are not for gorging however.

If fat free milk in your coffee turns you off, try a low calorie powdered creamer but remember to read all of the various labels as they can be quite different in calorie counts. You can have a rich taste using this instead of the same calorie count in low fat or skim milk. There are many things to aid you in weight loss so keep some of our helpful tips in mind and you are much more likely to stay on track!

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