Remember that you can never reduce your weight while going to the gym daily, lifting weights and doing your cardio if you do not follow a diet for bodybuiding workout.


Weight training should be coupled with the right nutrition and diet. If you train like a freak and forget to eat the right food, you will be sabotaging your efforts and the results will not be as good as compared to a person who trains and eats right at the same time. Besides, eating healthy is not just for those who want to lose weight, it also applies to those who want to build muscles.


At the very least, stop going to fast foods! They have high calorie foods that can lead to obesity. High sugar. High fat. High cholesterol. Name it and fast foods have it! Discipline in the gym and in the kitchen go together! Here is a list of several good foods that should be included in your fridge!


Eggs. You can have one whole egg in the morning plus three egg whites. A breakfast of 6 egg whites and 2 whole eggs is not too bad. Liquid egg whites can also be more convenient for you. Just check them out in your local grocery store.


Skinless chicken breasts or cutlets. Chicken is an inexpensive source of proteins. It is a staple of every diet. Besides, you can always top your salad with chicken breast strips. Or you can develop your own recipe that has skinless chicken breasts in them. Another source of protein is lean ground turkey. This food has high quality protein, although it can be a bit more expensive than chicken.


Top round steak. Go for lean cuts of meat. The top round steak has more fat compared with chicken and turkey but is a great source of meat. You can eat this food if you are dieting in moderation. Filet Mignon is another source of protein because it is lean and it is tasty. It can be expensive but if you want to enjoy your food every now and then, you should give this a try.


Buffalo meat is really expensive but it is good red meat! Give it a try once every few weeks. But if you cannot afford it, or if you don’t want the taste of it, you can opt for other food.


Fish and seafood. You can get some inexpensive fish such as cod, Pollock and wild salmon. If you cannot afford the more expensive seafood, you can get canned tuna. If you have some problems with sodium content, though, you should cut back on this.


Review your eating habits, if you are not gaining muscle and losing fat, it’s time to rework your bodybuilding workout diet.


Hey there, get off that couch and start pumping iron! offers bodybuilding training tips that could help you lose those friggin fats and build muscles!

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