Do you find yourself eating foods that are all the same colour? If your diet consists of foods that are the colour of chips, doughnuts, fried foods or bread, it might be time to colour your world. Many nutritionists recommend that we should eat like a rainbow. If you eat from the full spectrum of colours then you can ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that your body requires. Every day new research is revealing the immune boosting power of fruits and vegetables, the brighter the better.

White foods should not consist of the above or pasta and rice, but the anti-inflammatory qualities of onions and garlic, both contain super antioxidants that mop up the free radicals that damage cells and cause cancers and heart disease. Mushrooms are packed with B and D vitamins and help lower cholesterol.

Red is the colour of tomatoes, watermelon and strawberries some of the best disease fighters you can eat. The levels of lycopene found in tomatoes skyrockets when they are cooked, paste is especially potent. Lycopene protects your eyes and prevents cholesterol forming in your arteries.

Oranges, carrots and pumpkins are all packed full of beta-carotene and efficient scavengers of the free radicals that cause heart disease and vision problems, as well as boosting the immune system.

Purple foods are like mini vitamin pills the vitamins they contain are A, C, E, K, calcium and folate. The antioxidants found in berry’s, figs and eggplants will fight off blood clots and inflammation, reducing the work your heart has to do.

The Green pigment chlorophyll colours spinach, sprouts and vegetable powerhouse broccoli. High in folate and lutein greens are rich in fiber which will reduce your risk of colon cancer by nearly 50 percent.

Yellow is the colour of bananas, squash and lemons and are bursting with antioxidants and a squeeze of lemon in hot water every day will keep your kidneys healthy. Bananas are one of the best sources of potassium; the feel good nutrient.

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