When you hear the phrase “nice guys” what image comes to mind? Some guy who always opens the door for ladies? The “good friend” who’s always there with a shoulder to cry on and a box of tissues? Or do you envision the guy who’s always buying her dinner and gifts?

Do you also picture the fellow who usually can’t get laid if his pants were on fire and the fire truck only pumped out naked horny women instead of water? If so, then you’re ahead of 90% of the men on this planet, and there’s hope for you yet.

Nice guys are either one of two possible types of people. At worst, the whole “nice guy” image is usually a front, intended to get some unsuspecting woman to lower her guard, until he can get her alone. At best, a “nice guy” is someone who’s had the misfortune to learn about how to behave with women from either their misinformed friends (who also don’t have a clue what they’re talking about either), movies (fantasy), or from women who only share their complaints about their men. Another common educator of how men should behave around or with women is their own parents. If a man had a domineering mother and a passive father, he mostly likely picked up the passive traits from his father.

The latter category of nice guys are all-too-often people pleasers. They don’t want to rock the boat, argue even if they feel they are in the right, or hurt anyone’s feelings. This poor man will be walked all over by women if he doesn’t find a women mature enough to appreciate his great traits. By all rights, they are a great catch for a woman. A woman who has the opportunity to have this type of man in her life will never have to worry about her partner cheating, staying out late, or anything else that are common relationship problems. The only bad thing is their will not be the normal sparks that are generated by at least some disagreement, thus the relationship can appear boring, safe, but boring.

The nice guy doesn’t need to be the last guy. You have wonderful traits that you do not even need to change, but maybe enhance on a few that you do not have as prominent. Expressing displeasure in something is a great healthy thing to do. It will help a relationship build if it was meant to be. Learn to be comfortable expressing your disagreements. Rugs were made for wiping your feet on, not you. Stop being a floor mat. Just because a woman ask you to jump doesn’t mean you have to. Do not be a “whatever honey” guy. You can say no and you can express a different place to go rather then where she wants to go all the time. A woman will appreciate and respect you that much more for actually playing an active role in the relationship rather then her running it alone. Nice guys do not have to finish last.

Nice Guys

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