Weight loss for idiots is the old name of the current Fat Loss 4 Idiots weight loss plan. This diet consists of three parts;

– Presentation of the ten rules for effective weight loss
– How to implement these rules in your everyday life and
– How to control your metabolism for losing weight

What Can You Eat?

Your favorite foods can be eaten of course. The system prompts you to input the foods you prefer. Then the information is processed and the output is a meal plan consisting of 11-days. There are four meals per day and it should not pass two and a half hours or more between each meal. Here are some examples of typical meal plans:

Meal Plan of Day 1

* Meal 1: Mixed Nuts
* Meal 2: Any type of sandwich
* Meal 3: Scrambled Eggs
* Meal 4: Chicken

Meal Plan of Day 2

* Meal 1: Fruit Salad
* Meal 2: Fish Filet
* Meal 3: Chicken & turkey
* Meal 4: Cottage Cheese

Some Pros

– Followed consistently, the average dieter will lose 9lbs every 11 days. Of course this figure may vary; the reality shows that some lose more weight, some lose less pounds. Nevertheless, the average weight loss is great taken into consideration that no exercise or workout is included in the diet.

– One of the greatest advantages of weight loss for idiots is that you can replicate the 11 days’ cycle as many times as you want without injuring your body. Good to know when you need to lose much weight.

– Thousands upon thousands of people all over the world have been using this diet to get rid of excessive weight. As a matter of fact this is one of the most popular weight loss programs ever, which is a great sign that it works for people.

Some Drawbacks

– No exercise or workout is incorporated in this plan because it’s assumption that exercise is not necessary for losing weight if you follow the diets meal plan. However, there is nothing wrong with including some moderate aerobic exercise while you’re dieting. You can for example take a half to one hours walk every day. You will only lose more weight faster if you do. Don’t overdo the exercising though.

– The diet plan doesn’t tell you how to come off the diet. The problem with most diets is that when it’s over and people have reached their weight loss goals. There is a high percentage of dieters that start to gain weight again. The solution I suggest is to incorporate some of the weight loss for idiots meals and gradually adjust your eating habits in a way you are comfortable with that at the same will sustain the weight loss you’ve strived so hard for.

Weight Loss For Idiots. Check out one of the most popular weight loss plans ever – Weight Loss For Idiots.

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