Have your bad eating habits resulted in an ever expanding waistline? We all have bad health and bad eating habits that can be improved with the glycemic index food list.

Like any major lifestyle change, it can be accomplished all at once or by slowly making the adjustment.

The hardest part of making the initial change and start eating foods that are low on the glycemic index food list… is actually making the decision to do it. It doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, as you see how quickly you start feeling better and start to see the pounds effortlessly falling off, you will want to make even MORE changes.

The switch can be difficult because…

No critique of you or your lifestyle, but it’s probable that you have been eating the same (bad) foods for a very long time. It’s become a habit. We’re all creatures of habit – that’s just the way life is.

It takes some real drive and motivation to get past our habits and make positive changes in our lives. That’s why it is so easy to “fall off the wagon”.

Some of us lean toward gradual change…others go the drastic, all or nothing route. There’s many ways to incorporate diet changes and it all depends on the sort of person YOU are. Either way, there’s no right or wrong.

For the best chances of overall success, you need to ask yourself, “What type of change is the best for me?” If you stick with the best one for your personality type, it will be much easier.

Making the “All or Nothing” change.

The drastic, dramatic change is what most of us try to incorporate. It can be a little more difficult, but with the right tactics, it can show the fastest results. It’s going “cold turkey” from bad foods, but can be done with the right plan.

First, you need to get rid of the bad foods in the house. If you have the temptation available, you’ll succumb. Two ways to get rid of the food are: to not do any shopping until everything is all gone – or if you are rich and foolish, you could just throw it all out.

When grocery shopping day comes, write out a shopping list of foods that have a low glycemic number – or just print out a copy of the glycemic index food list and head to the store. Be sure to stick to the list and stock your pantry with food that is good for your health and diet.

If you stick to the list, that means you will have nothing in the house that is bad for you! You are “trapped” into eating healthy foods!

Incorporating changes in your diet that are more gradual.

At first it seems that it would be easier to gradually make your dietary changes. Not necessarily. If there are still unhealthy food options in the house, you will tend to gravitate toward them rather than the better choices. But, for some of us, it’s the only way to go.

The trick to making a gradual change is that when you go to the store, make it a point to purchase at least one thing from the glycemic index food list. Once you’ve made a change – never go back to the old options. Sooner or later, everything in your diet will have a low glycemic index ranking.

Now we know how to make the change…but why should we?

Eating foods that rank low on the glycemic index food list is good for our general health…it helps prevent heart disease, helps diabetics control their blood sugar levels, and other benefits too numerous for this article. It’s not just a safe diet plan. (But it IS one of the best ways to lose weight!)

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