Have you ever gone through a grueling weight loss program for a long time, only to find out later that you have hit a wall in terms of results? There are many reasons why this occur, and this process is known as a weight loss plateau. Why does this happen? Here are 4 key reasons why they happen.

1. Body Adaptation
The main cause and reason is simply this, your body has reached its stage where it has already gotten used to the exercises and diet which you are currently at.
This means that it has developed a resistance and the muscles and body functions have adapted towards your current regime of body maintenance. This means that by doing all the same regiments of dieting and exercising, without switching anything, you are only working in order to maintain your current body weight and composition.

2. Muscle Memory & Adaptation
By constantly repeating and doing the same weight movements over and over again, you allow your muscles to adapt and you start to master the range of motion.
By doing that, your muscles learn and starts to develop muscle memory to allow it to utilize the correct muscles to perform the same range of motion with the least amount of effort.

3. Calorie Usage Adaptation
Your body has already gotten used to the constant calorie deficiency that you go through every day for the past three weeks. By constantly consuming calories less than the amount required to maintain your body weight, your body metabolic rate starts to adapt towards the amount of calories it is taking in every day.

4. No Change of Program After 4 Weeks
Believe it or not, whether you are old or young, our bodies are highly adaptable to its surroundings and changes. There are reasons as to why the same push-up you do three weeks ago is a lot easier to do now.
Your body has adapted to the constant movement and range of motion by building the muscles required to perform the same function easier and easier. This is the same as to everything which you do. Be it eating lesser calories, exercise routines and other habits.

Now that you understand how adaptable your body is, the summary of everything in this article would be that the reasons why plateaus occur is because our body has adapted to the program. It is not developing new muscles, losing more weight or body fat simply because it has gone to a phase where doing the same things over and over again is no more of a challenge to it.

How do you counter this?

In order to understand further, check out my other article,

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in order to understand how to recover from plateaus.

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