Vegetarian Meal Plans Weight Loss

David Letterman once quipped on his Late Night Show, “‘Vegetarian’ is actually an old Indian word which means, ‘Poor Hunter’.” Someone else stated, “”I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals; I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants!” Vegetarian Meal Plans Weight Loss

As funny as those quotes are, nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the real definition of a full time veggie eater. Vegetarian stands for so much more. Not only a veggie meal lover someone who stands for something in life, it is someone who believes very strongly in a special diet.

That being said, a veggie diet plan can differ depending on what type of vegetarian someone is and to what way of life they subscribe. Believe it or not, there are a lot of different types and sub-types of vegetarians. And depending on what type of vegetarian you are, your veggie diet plan will vary deeply.

In the very strictest sense, a person that considers themselves in this veggie world is someone who does not consume meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, etc. Rather, they eat vegetables, grains, seeds, fruits, etc. However, from there there are many different sub-sets of vegetarians and vegetarian meal plans:

A lacto-vegetarian is someone who is someone who will still eat dairy products (cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.). However, they do not use eggs. The vegetarian meal plan for the lacto-vegetarian is almost double in size what a vegan can consume because of the potential that dairy can add to a vegetarian dinner. A lacto-vegetarian can create a 2000 calorie vegetarian diet menu simply because of the addition of dairy to the menu. Vegetarian Meal Plans Weight Loss

An ovo-vegetarian, on the other hand, is someone who is just the literal opposite. They use eggs, but not dairy products. Again, veggie recipes for an ovo-vegetarian may consist of an egg salad sandwich, a fried egg, or a side of scrambled eggs. But dairy is against the rules.

An ovo-lacto vegetarian is someone who eats both dairy products and eggs. Obviously, the vegetarian meal plan for this person can be much more wide-ranging with the addition of these items. The number of veggie recipes explodes considerably for the ovo-lacto vegetarian.

Finally, a vegan is someone who excludes all animal products from their diet (sometimes even honey). A vegan meal plan is the most preventative of all the vegetarian meal plans. However, because there are no dairy products or eggs, the vegan meals are the preeminent vegetarian diet when it comes to losing weight. A vegetarian weight loss meal plan can be fashioned simply because most of the items that cause weight gain are not allowed to the vegan. Vegetarian Meal Plans Weight Loss

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