Just in case you are new to the Paleo diet this is a diet composed of natural foods similar to what the caveman would have ate over 10,000 years ago. At first glance this may sound more like a starvation diet but once you start to study the caveman and realize just how healthy they were; well you must take notice as there is much to learn. As far as a starvation diet well many are surprised as there was a great food supply at the time and the caveman made great use of it.


Now the key to the Paleo diet foods as well as many other diets is to eat light simple meals throughout the day and not consume large meals 3 times a day. This is done with a wide variety of foods that equally consist of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.


Paleo diet foods consist of meat and fish, many fruits and vegetables along with a variety of nuts. What is missing on the Paleo diet foods list is processed foods, grains, beans, peanuts, salts and refined sugars. When is comes to beverages water and unsweetened tea is you more common choices as coffee, milk, soda and alcohol are not to be consumed.


As you can see this diet will force to make some changes when it comes to purchasing food. The truth is any good diet is going to consist of some foods and practices that may be foreign to the average person. This is because over the years people have gotten use to eating fast foods or previously prepared process foods containing high amounts of preservatives.


This in turn has lead to a great increase of deadly chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and colon cancer. The foods we eat greatly determine our health and people in today’s world rarely eat healthy instead they eat foods that are fast and convenient.


Paleo diet foods are not all that different than many of the foods we see common today. The main difference is they are prepared fresh to avoid preservatives. Most meats are lean cuts of meat to avoid the addition of additives. Keep in mind as the Paleo diet foods avoids grains so you will not see any foods items created from flour such as breads. Bread is a processed food that ages on a shelf in a market as well as filled with additives like yeast.


To wrap things up about Paleo diet foods, realize that the caveman was healthy and extremely fit. On a typical day the caveman would walk 12 miles and was exposed to many dangerous elements during their time. The caveman had a strong immune system as this was needed to survive, the Paleolithic Era. The foods a person eats fuels their immune system, think about that next time you visit your favorite fast food restaurant.



Troy Powers is a believer in following a diet of natural foods and the Paleo diet is great way to accomplish this. To learn fully about Paleo diet recipes visit my website www.paleo-diet-recipes.info and get facts.


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