It seems as the years go on, more teenagers are wanting to make money – be it to help their family out, or have money to take part in activities they enjoy. Either way, any teenager would not mind having a little extra money, on top of what their guardians likely provide them. Most teens can vouch that the amount of money their parents give them is not enough – especially in this day and time. Things are just so expensive these days, and let’s face it – teenagers love to spend. So, as a teenager, what can you do to make more money?

The first thing that comes to mind are jobs like babysitting, mowing your neighbors lawn, painting fences, and so on. These jobs are ones that any teenager can do, as people in all neighborhoods are always looking for what we would call “a handyman”. Quite frankly, these jobs do not take much skill, or any skill at all. As long as you’re willing to put in a bit of labor, you can make money. Now, some people do not like this method of making money – because it involves labor, and also the fact that it is often hard to find customers (due to competition).

Next, there is the option of getting a job at a local store. This option is only available if you are a certain age – and this required age varies depending on where you live. Some areas, there is no minimum age, but in North America, the earliest one can work is usually at the age of 14. With plus side of getting a job like this is that there is going to be steady work. You will have shifts, thus you will not need to go out and look for work as you would if you were to take the previous approach. For these jobs, you often need good social skills and basic mathematical skills (if you are going to work at a cashier). If you do not have these two skills, stores often have other jobs – for example, stocking items.

Lastly, there are the areas that are for those who think they are ready to take a further approach – the business world. Believe it or not, teenagers are out there in the business world, and many are making decent money. Teens can blog, join affiliate programs, buy stocks (their parents will have to manage for them though), and so on. Blogging is probably the most popular method, but be forewarned – it is NOT quick, easy money. You must be dedicated and give it time, and given one does so, they can become very successful online. The internet has no limits, and making money online is becoming the new fad.

As you can see, even teenagers can start making money. Sure, they will not make as much as a university educated adult, but money is money. Everyone must start somewhere, and a teenager making money, is a businessman in the making!

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