Postcard design is very important because your design will dictate the how your prospective clients will react to your marketing material. The importance of postcard design cannot be emphasized enough because of the effect it has on the success of your campaign. The more effective the postcard design, the more successful your campaign will be.

Balanced design defined

Having a balanced design is one of the most important part of having an effective design. However, what does having a balanced design mean?

Balanced design is when you have a layout that is not favoring one side or part. It means that your design does not feel heavy on one side and the weight of the design is evenly distributed through out the page. One of the basic rules of thumb in order to create a balanced design is to distribute the pictures in different parts of your layout.

An image adds significant weight in the design and it can be balanced out with the use of text. Text blocks can compliment an image and it can be done alongside the image to create a balanced look.

Be careful where you place your emphasis

Placing emphasis is one of the most difficult parts of design. First, you must determine the parts of the design that you need to emphasize. Then you need to think of ways on how to emphasize it in a nice way. There are different ways in which you can place emphasis on certain elements of the design. Some of the more common techniques are:

Using bigger font sizes – the use of bigger fonts makes your text stand out instantly. The change in the font size gives your audience an idea on where to focus their attention first.

Using a different color – using a different color from the other parts of your design will also create an immediate impact with your audience. The bigger contrasts in the color will make it easier for you to know which of the design elements the designer wants you to focus on.

Using smaller font sizes – using smaller font sizes to attract attention is a tricky way to attract customers. You need to have an amazing concept and layout in order to draw your readers close enough to read your message. Some may view this as a gamble, but the right strategy and planning will make this technique work.

Improve on your copy’s readability

The readability of the copy is the most important thing to keep in mind. You need to have a copy that is easily understood by your readers. The reader should be able to make sense of the message that you are attempting to impart to them. They should know the gist of what you are talking about in just a single glance. The more readable your prints are, the easier it is to attract attention and the easier it is for the readers to respond to your message. When your prints are hard to read, you can be assured that your prints will not be picked up by potential customers.

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