Liposuction has never been considered a weight loss tool. In fact, the ideal candidates should be at or near their ideal weight before seeing a plastic surgeon for a consultation. The liposuction technique is specifically designed to get rid of those stubborn fatty deposits that remain on the body after dieting and exercise. Common areas where this fat accumulation occurs is on the abdomen, upper arms, thighs, buttocks and hips. There seems to be a genetic predisposition for certain individuals to sport bulges in specific regions. If a woman’s mother, grandmother and aunts all have bulging bellies, chances are good that she will too. Men often have trouble with this fat accumulating in their chest region, creating female-like bosoms which most find troubling.

How do you lose weight before a liposuction consultation? Here are some tips:

– Fewer calories: Dieting is basically a math equation. A person must take in fewer calories than they burn. It’s as simple as that. If a person ingests 2000 Calories each day but only burns 1800 Calories, they are going to gain weight. If they consume 1800 Calories each day but burn 2000, they are going to lose weight.

– No fad diets: Fad diets change every other week. Using low-cal drinks as meal substitutes or eliminating entire food groups, such as carbohydrates, from the menu will work temporarily, because a dieter is reducing their intake of food. Once they return to a normal way of eating, the pounds will most likely return with a vengeance.

– Balanced food intake: A dieter must adopt new eating patterns. Daily menus which consist of lean proteins, fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, whole grains and lots of water are a must. A body needs a regular regime of nutritious foods to feel good and look great.

– Need some fats in diet: The absolutely fat-free diet is not a good thing. While an excess of this dietary component is a no-no, some inclusion is necessary to have a body work properly. Fatty content is needed in one’s food in order to absorb certain vitamins and minerals, as some are water soluble and others are fat soluble. A vitamin or mineral deficiency can occur on extremely restrictive programs.

– No total deprivation: While the bulk of one’s daily fuel should come from fresh, whole foods, having tiny treats such as one good morsel of chocolate or one scoop of ice cream are necessary to keep the spirits up. No one can stay on a harsh regime totally free of treats. Retraining one’s thinking to view strawberries or fresh melons as dessert is a wise idea, too.

– Restaurant caution: Restaurants and fast food joints can be dangerous places. Portions are usually immense and often unhealthy. Try to cook at home or pack lunches whenever possible, but when a restaurant outing is a necessity, split a meal with a friend or bring half of it home for later.

– Get more exercise: Incorporate formal and informal exercise into each day. Walking the dog, taking a yoga class, or dancing with your sweetie will trim and tone the inches away, too.

After achieving a healthy weight, an individual is ready to allow liposuction to smooth out the remaining stubborn bulges.

In New Jersey, liposuction can be obtained from a number of practitioners of cosmetic surgery. It is, however, necessary to educate yourself on what liposuction actually is before seeking it out. To find a qualified surgical team to perform this type of procedure or give you a consultation on possibilities, please visit:

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