Eating Healthy is Easy

Baby’s nutrition should be balanced and they should have a rich diet. So, for baby’s diet they can mainly take fresh fruits and vegetables, and the cooking should better be light and digestible. Meanwhile, the right amount of milk, eggs, lean meat and fish and other high-quality protein should be supplemented. For example, oatmeal with milk and fruit is suitable for baby to eat at breakfast. It is digestible and can provide lasting energy for daily needs. As for young parents, there are some tips you can take as a reference if you have no idea about baby’s diet.

Let your baby drink water timely, but each time with a small amount. Baby is very active, and the water in their body will lost unconsciously when they are playing. So, enough water is very important. But do not let them drink water until they are thirsty, instead, parents should let baby drink water now and then, because drink water quickly will dilute the gastric acid, and this is harmful for digestion and sterilization. Therefore, mother should urge baby to drink water, and each time the water should be no more than 200ml.

More salt and less sugar. With the discharge of sweat, the body’s salt will also lost, and this would lead to the body’s electrolyte imbalanced, thus affect the metabolism. And baby would easily be fatigue and anorectic. Therefore, a certain amount of salt should be supplemented to baby, while the refining intake of sugar. Dessert is a deadly temptation. The ice-cream and sugary drinks tastes very good, but the excessive intake of sugar will lead to a high concentration of sugar in blood and reduce the appetite. This will not only affect children’s intake of nutrition in the meals a day, but also bring decayed tooth and obesity and other troubles to children. So add a little salt in warm water is a way to prevent children from other diseases.

Baby should eat more vegetables and fruits, instead of fried food. Because the fried foods are uneasy to digest, and the accumulation of it would lead to abdominal distention, so the stomach’s demand for oxygen will increase, this will cause inattentiveness and fatigue. Therefore, this kind of food should be eaten less.

Baby’s stomach is very fragile, baby’s nutrition should be balanced and they should have a rich parents should pay attention to the diet of baby. And make a scientific diet plan for baby.

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