Harmless Flirting Tips for Teenage Girls

Before I start of with the the points explaining how to flirt with a guy, one point to be kept in mind is that when it comes to flirting tips for teenage kids, it can be little tricky. Teenage is this one stage where the attraction level between opposite sex is at it’s peak. Among the flirting tips for high school girls, you might try to show your intentions of liking the guy and your acceptance to know him more, but maybe the guy would take it in another way! Teenagers tend to have this curiosity to know more and more about the opposite sex. So if you girls don’t want to give him the wrong signals, here’s what you need to do :

Speak With Your Eyes
We girls have this natural art of speaking with our eyes. It comes naturally, when the guy we are interested in, looks at us. Make sure that you maintain a decent amount of eye contact. Looking into his eyes when he is noticing you, and then just softly put your eyelids down. Repeat this at least 3-4 times when possible. May be once or twice during class, once during lunch and once when you see him otherwise. Don’t do it every time you see him or else you’ll just end up freaking him out!

Smile And Blow Him Away!
A smile says it all! 🙂 In fact, at times it says more than the flirting lines for girls can say! Guys get very confused when it comes to judging if the girl actually likes him or is just being sweet. Make it easier for him to decide. Smile at him with a little blush on your face. Obviously because you are interested in the guy, your smile would have a different charm altogether! 🙂

Give Him Reasons to Speak to You
Again, it depends on the guy, but if the guy involved is shy, trust me you’ll just keep waiting and he will never have the courage to take the first step to talk to you. Instead be bold enough to give him the reasons to talk to you. For example, you can ask him for help with homework, or if you are in the cafeteria having lunch, just go and ask him to pass you the ketchup! You interacting with him…even though a little, will actually give him the time to gather some courage and talk to you and that my dear, will get you some good conversation starters with the guy and build up a bond!

Lower Your Voice When You Speak to Him
Included among the flirting tips for shy girls, another flirting tips for teenage girls is that you need to show this guy that you have this “different from the rest” kinda attitude for him, so make sure that you make it quite visible to him through your actions. Lowering your voice while talking to him is a harmless yet effective flirting tip on how to let a guy know you like him. 🙂

Have a Positive Aura Around You
Giving him these positive vibes through your body language is another way of how to get a guy to like you! Guys like girls who have a positive aura around them, and tend to build up a positive conversation and a positive bond with them. Again, if you are behaving in a positive manner with him then he will also get the confidence to…hmm…ask you out for a date? 🙂

Complement Him Quite Often
Another way of flirting is to complement him quite often. Don’t do this when everyone is around. But to give it some more impact, complement him with a soft voice tone when you are alone or with less people around. This will give him a clear signal that you have fallen in for him.

Look Your Best
Obviously, to get a guy to like you the same way you do, you need to look your best. This is an important tip for high school girls, stay clean and decked up, may be wear his favorite color! Make sure you don’t have a bad hair day. In fact, flipping your hair when they are at their best to get his attention is again an excellent and easily noticeable flirting tip for teenagers. (PS: Don’t overdo it, or else he’ll think you are acting weird!!)

Arrange Get-together/Parties
If you are really into this guy then you can arrange for a get-together and party, and make sure that the guy is included in the invite list! Take help of common friends and then organize common hangouts and gatherings wherein you get to apply your flirting tips and tricks with him in a more clear way. As i mentioned earlier, complement him, stay away from him but maintain eye contact, if you need to say something, use the low tone and whisper it into his ears. Avoid being touchy, as it might give the guy wrong signals and he may end up thinking that you are interested sexually. Let your eyes, your smile and your words do the flirting.


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