“I need a shoe-earned money to buy school supplies used in the next semester, clothes, but also to buy a MP4.” 27 am, reporters in the Yimeng Road Yimeng department store saw the summer before the 12-year-old shoeshine money Hao students. Hao five less than a meter tall, carrying a discount air max shoes in the big box right shoulder, her left hand Mazar, childish little face was kind of dark tan. This little shoeshine man, walking down the street were particularly noticeable.

Hao introduction, he is now genistein Hill primary school, before the home in the countryside, and later the parents of small businesses to the city, took him to the city school, his family was not wealthy. Into the summer, the job not many wanted to do something for the Zhengdian Zhang Hao to pocket money, reduce the burden on parents. 7 o’clock every morning, Zhang Hao went out to solicit business from home, at 6 o’clock. Earned a total of ten days down 100 yuan. “When one day earn a good twenty or thirty dollars, when the day before not earn 5 dollars.”

When asked what to think of it this way before the summer, the Zhang Hao said, wanted to exercise yourself, make some money on their own work, give yourself a little shopping, few parents worry about. He also told reporters that Nike Air Max 90 shoe does not feel dirty, do not feel tired every day are full. Olympics do not rub dry, go home and watch the Olympic Games, to help parents do some housework.

Many people commented favorably on the practice of Zhang Hao, when most people his age enjoy playing in the summer, when Zhang Hao young age to a person to experience life independently, to understand themselves, is not easy. It is understood, Zhang Hao of the final examination were all excellent.

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