If you want to become a success at work, be recognised as someone who is reliable to finish off a project and get on with your career, adopt these 10 tips and soon your career will be flying high.

1. Get organised – How much time is wasted each day by workers looking for files or important information? Get organised, adopt a good filing system and spend less time each day hunting for files or information when you could be actioning and completing that urgent task.

2. Delegate work – Whilst you want to get as much done as possible, sometimes there are others just more suited to a task. If that is the case, and if at all possible, delegate work that could be done by someone else quicker, maybe in exchange for something that you do better.

3. Strict Deadlines – If you have a strict deadline for a report or project then use the tools around you. Make use of a timer to finish a report or project, without interruptions. Utilise voicemail on your telephone and ignore incoming e-mail during this time. That way you can concentrate on the task in hand and complete it quicker, enabling you to then concentrate on incoming tasks.

4. Manage your energy – Try to complete an important task in one sitting. If a task is hanging over you then it is constantly in the back of your mind. And if you are thinking about this whilst completing other work then you will be wasting important energy.

5. Start work early – Arriving to work early gives you the opportunity to get a vast amount of work done before people come in and interrupt you. Whilst others come in just as their work day starts, you will have completed tasks without telephone and e-mail distractions, as well as the simple process of saying hello to colleagues. 

6. Productivity window – We all have times when we do our best work during the day, when we are most productive. Observe your working day and notice when yours is, then schedule your most important work for this time of day.

7. Automate and outsource – If you have the possibility to automate routine tasks, or even outsource to others at little cost, this will save you time for more profitable business practices. There are companies available who will do your most routine tasks, freeing up your time. Make use of them if you have the funds available.

8. Learn to say no – Whilst we all like to be seen as positive and not afraid of a challenge, it is not possible for one person to take on all the work. Saying no is not weak, just shows that you are busy at present. Do not be afraid of turning down a task if it will affect the project currently being processed. Once this is complete make it known that you are available to assist the person who has the task.

9. The 80/20 rule – 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Examine these results, target them and achieve more beneficial work.

10. Don’t be a perfectionist – It is not necessary to make every report look fantastic, if only one other person reads it. Concentrate your time on the facts within, rather than the look and feel. Of course, when a report or presentation is to be seen by many, maybe used within a corporate meeting, then take the time to make those facts stand out.

By adopting these 10 tips you will soon be soaring on the career ladder, and recognised as someone who is reliable and can get the job done.

Paul Gent writes regularly in his blog, Everyday Success Tips. Here he tries to pass on information that he has read or heard that will make a success to others in their personal and business lives.

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