Aerobic exercise is beneficial for your heart, vascular system, and lungs and in addition it burns a tremendous amount of calories to assist in weight reduction. When aerobics are used in combination with resistance training and a healthy diet, your health and vitality will be at their best. There are numerous aerobic exercises from which to use, so you don’t have to stagnate with the same mundane exercise every day. You can easily listen to music during your exercise routine to break up the monotony. We are going to present to you five of the most effective and entertaining aerobic exercises available.

Cross-country skiing uses an incredible amount of calories and helps with quick weight loss. This is a great exercise for exercising both your upper and lower body. This exercise can be performed indoors on a ski machine but outdoor skiing will burn far more calories. Your heart rate will increase quickly and you can burn over 300 calories in just half an hour.

Elliptical training at your local gym or health club. Elliptical machines are available in almost every gym or health club. This exercise will improve your conditioning, burn calories, and has a minimal impact on your joints. People who are accustomed to running enjoy this machine and it does not harm your joints like running can. Most people can use approximately four hundred calories in thirty minutes with this exercise.

Burn tons of calories in step aerobics classes to achieve rapid weight loss. Step aerobics are a lot of fun and the only equipment you need is a step pad about 6″ high. It’s not the easiest workout by any means, but it’s not complicated. Your hips, butt, and legs will get a major workout and you can burn up to 400 calories in just half an hour. The easiest way to do stepping is to start with your right foot, step up on the step, step up with your left foot, then step down with your right foot, followed by your left foot. Half way through the exercise you can change from one lead foot to the other. Once you get used to it, an intense workout should be about twenty five steps per minute.

Rock climbing uses a tremendous amount of calories. Of course this exercise requires a lot of training and specialized equipment to avoid disaster. It utilizes all the muscles of your upper and lower body and uses four hundred calories or more in thirty minutes. Get adequate training, be careful, and go climb Half Dome at Yosemite National Park!

Handball and racquet ball give you a great workout and they are both quite entertaining. Your legs and heart will both get exercised with the rapid starts of stops of both of these sports. Go to a health club and use a personal trainer if you are a beginner, it helps to get you started. Most people can use about four hundred and fifty calories in thirty minutes!

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