Developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates Toronto can show you how to develop the body through awareness, flexibility, and core strength. It is a graceful and support efficient exercise that empathises balanced development. One of the most popular exercises, it works for a wide range of people. Dancers and athletes love it. Women who have just had a child to seniors enjoy it. People who are in rehabilitation get a great deal of benefit from it.

One of the biggest benefits is that it makes one leaner, longer and stronger and it is done with ease and grace. Core strength is the principal foundation of this technique. The muscles of the back and the abdomen are worked on to be strong and all the other muscles in the trunk to support movement and the spine. As the core is developed stability increases and it enables people to overcome such things as back pain as the body can move more freely and more efficiently.

The six principles employed are concentration, precision, breath, flow, control and centering. They are essential to a high quality workout. There are not a lot of repetitions as in other workouts, instead doing each exercise fully and with precision gives one significant results in a short time.

It is a unique exercise in that is concentrates on torso stability and core strength. Other types of workouts emphasize leg or arm strength as in weight training without attention to the fact that they are but parts of the entire body. Even swimming seems to emphasize the legs and arms.

Mat work can be done on the floor, a mat or on special exercise equipment. The equipment utilizes resistance using the participants body weight and pulleys with graduated levels of springs. Developed in the 1920’s, this technique was used to rehabilitate prisoners of war and then later discovered to be of benefit to anyone seeking high levels of fitness. Pilates Toronto can show you the different exercises involved.

Core Studio offers Pilates in Toronto for everywhere from beginners to experienced students in many types of yoga. Check out how yoga can help you. (

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