There are many foods that are promoted as ideal for weight loss, but not all of them actually work.  In fact, many of the so called diet foods are actually counterproductive if not downright dangerous.  Here is a short list of a few of the best foods.  To lose weight, you want to make sure you include these regularly.

Why Oatmeal is One of the Best Foods to Lose Weight
Oatmeal is a wonderful food.  Not only is it one of the healthiest whole grains, you can add just about anything to it to change its flavor.  It is very high in soluble fiber–the kind that fights high cholesterol–and insoluble fiber which helps prevent colon cancers. 

That same fiber will keep you feeling full for hours.  Combine that oatmeal with another great weight loss food–eggs, and you have a complete breakfast that gives you everything you need to keep going all morning long.  Add some fruit and you start your day in a balanced way as well.

Oatmeal comes in a variety of forms.  Traditional steel cut oats take 30 minutes to cook, but don’t worry, new methods of cutting the oats into a finer size means you can get them ready in only 5 minutes. 

Scottish oats pulverize the same oat grains into something resembling a powder — you get porridge when you cook these and they take about 10 minutes to get ready.  Oat groats are the intact grain and they take about 45 minutes, whereas rolled oats will take between 5-30 minutes depending on how thinly they have been rolled.

Oats are some of the best foods to lose weight–as long as you skip the instant oats.

Why Whole Eggs are Also Great Weight Loss Foods
Not that long ago eggs had a very bad reputation as the source of cholesterol problems nationwide.  Today we know better.  While eggs do have about 300 mg of cholesterol when raised conventionally, that number is cut to 200 mg when the chickens are raised on a vegetarian diet.  A large egg contains about 80 calories and offers great, inexpensive protein.

Blueberries: Tasty and Healthy!
Berries in general are very healthy and help weight loss, but blueberries offer more antioxidants than just about any other berry around – and they are easy to get year round.  Studies have shown that rats that eat a diet high in blueberries lost more belly fat, the kind that leads to heart disease.  They also displayed lower cholesterol levels and improved glucose control–even if the rest of their diet wasn’t heart healthy.

Blueberries contain anthrocyanins, flavanols and other antioxidants which combat free radicals, which are believed to be the sources of most cancers.  They contain high levels of fiber and have been demonstrated to reduce the effects of heart disease and lower cholesterol in humans. 

Of course, there are many more berries you can include in your weight loss program.  Strawberries have more fiber and vitamin C than just about any other fruit.  Cranberries help insure healthy urinary tract function.  Goji berries are rich in vitamin A – the list of benefits goes on and on.

These three are just a few of the best foods.  To lose weight you will want to include them, but there are many other options as to what you can eat every day and still lose weight in a healthy manner.


If you feel that it is time for you to get beyond dieting, then it is time to learn how to eat for life.  Discover which are the best foods to lose weight with and how to reach your healthy goals at

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