The old saying goes “fail to plan and you plan to fail” and that goes for your weight loss program as well. Take a day or so to get ready to start your program and you’ll lose weight fast.

Clean out the cupboards and fridge of foods that are too tempting. A lot of what people keep isn’t that healthy for them. If the packages, cans, bottles, etc, are unopened donate them to your local food bank. Many churches accept donations of food for the homeless as well.

Schedule your menu for the week, or at least for several days in advance. Include healthy snacks as part of your menu. Post the menu on the fridge so you know, and the rest of the families knows exactly what the meals will be. Stock up on bottled flavored waters that are low or no sodium and no calories. Make a list based on your menus, of what you’ll need at the grocery store and shop right after you’ve eaten. Hungry shoppers buy more than satisfied shoppers. Start at the produce department and load up on veggies and fruits. Stick with your list. Don’t go back to the grocery store until your next set of menus are ready to go.

Set a goal for your weight loss and interim targets. Be realistic if you want to lose ten pounds it will probably take you two months. Plan to lose two pounds every week. If you’re a little short one week, you can add more exercise or cut back on calories a bit the next week. Don’t try to make up an entire week’s weight loss the next week, that just doesn’t work. If you are consistently losing less week than your plan you might need to adjust your plan a bit. As long as the weight comes off, does it really matter if it took you 4 months instead of 3 months?

Stock up on fruits and veggies and prepare them in advance. Clean, peel and chop and stash in zip lock bags so you can just grab and go. If you have to eat out, plan in advance what you will order. No bread or butter on the table. Stick with steamed vegetables, salad with dressing on the side, and broiled chicken or fish. If you just have to have that yummy sauce, ask for it on the side. You’ll eat less.

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