A raw food diet is one which is rich in foods that are derived from plant sources. This generally includes whole, uncooked raw foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, juices, sprouts, beans, nuts and legumes and dry fruits. The basic principle behind the raw food diet is a very scientific and logical one. Raw food diet means the consumption of foods that have not been cooked. This leaves the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins in the food still intact and preserves the nutritional integrity of the food. Raw food is low in calories while rating high in the nutritional content, an unbeatable combination. Consumption of raw food has numerous health benefits. Not only does this eliminate the requirement of going to the gym regularly, this ensures that you stay fit and healthy while never having to starve yourself. Often people find it difficult to make time for working out on a regular basis. But if you simply follow the raw food diet, all your troubles are at an end.

A raw food diet helps to keep any the possibility of any disease in check. It also helps your immune system stay active and fight against pathogens that lead to the development of illnesses. Several chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes can also be kept in control only if you follow the raw food diet. As raw food has little or no trans and unsaturated fat, it prevents the deposition of fat in the body thus helping you acquire a lean and trim figure. Additionally raw food is rich in unsaturated fat which can be easily burnt in the body to provide energy. Thus if you are thinking of switching to the raw food diet you do not need to worry about getting the proper nourishment that is needed. Raw food also has some other useful components such as anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that are not available otherwise from food derived from animal sources. These are essential for the body as they help in digestion and absorption of the body, flush out toxins from the body and eliminate harmful free radicals from the body. Thus cancer causing free radicals and toxins are flushed out of the system enabling you to lead a healthy lifestyle with the risk of disease minimized.

Raw food is supposed to be consumed whole and uncooked. Cooking is a process that subjects the food to high temperatures which may affect the nutritional value of the food. The food is leached of all the useful nutrients and enzymes and thus much degraded in quality. raw food on the other hand has all the nutrients that contribute to the integrity of the food intact and is thus a much better option for a regular diet. With the advent of civilization, man is returning to his roots on the basis of the hypothesis that keeping it simple is to his advantage. Same is the case with raw food. Consuming food raw increases the nutritional value of the food thus letting you enjoy a fit and healthy life.

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