With the current over-weight state of the population in many countries there is an increasing interest and urgency among people to find ways to shed surplus weight. A popular search phrase on Google is “help me lose weight”. Many types of diet are proposed and among them are low carb diets. These diets are concerned with the connection between carbohydrates and blood sugar levels. 

The Reason For Low Carbs

The reasoning behind low carb diets is that the carbs in the food we eat are broken down into simple sugars in the digestive system. This in turn causes a rise in the blood sugar level. The body’s response is to increase insulin levels to stabilize the blood sugar level, with the result that the sugar is removed from the blood stream and stored as fat. The primary purpose of insulin is to cause the surplus sugar to be stored as fat.

The Result

It can be seen then that if you continue to eat an excess of foods containing carbs then the insulin level will be raised and more fat deposited with the consequent gain in weight. Under normal circumstances the balance of blood sugar and insulin is maintained within a healthy range.

The basic idea then of low carb diets is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates by cutting out or restricting the foods which contain carbs. It is important to make a distinction between ‘low carb’ and ‘no carb’ diets. Low carb diets do just that, they recommend controlling the level of carbohydrate intake and place more emphasis on meat, fish, poultry and dairy products. Some fruits and vegetables which are low in starch are included in some low carb diets. 


You can lose weight with low carb diets, but should be cautious of the more extreme versions of these programs. Some of the diets have a lower allowance of carbs at the start of the program and relax the restriction as the program progresses. It is wise to follow a program which has a healthy balance of protein and carbohydrates as it will be easier to maintain in the long run and is generally better from a health perspective.

There are several weight loss programs available each of which can help you lose weight safely and confidently. They are flexible and make use of natural foods and provide a choice of menus, including vegetarian. To see a review of a selection of 3 excellent weight loss programs

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