When all is said and done, a balanced diet reigns king more than any other specialist that can be recommended for a body builder. These days if you read much of the body building literature, you will get the conviction that what is needed in the diet is high proteins, high carbs and some fats. In fact, a popular recommendation these days is for forty percent carbs, forty percent proteins and twenty percent fats. This kind of a diet leaves no room for other crucial nutrients like minerals, yet it is the diet getting a lot of publicity in our contemporary society.

The eternal dieting fact still remains however, that there is and there have never been a substitute for a balanced diet. No matter how much protein powders and pills you ingest in a day, this will not be and cannot be a substitute for the solid meals that are naturally and healthy. Permanent healthy results from dieting will only accrue if we eat healthy natural food sometimes complemented, though not necessarily, by supplements. Had God known that that we could live on some supplements, He could have simply made our mouths as blenders instead of cavities with teeth.

Even more, the solid food must be balanced in the diet to provide for all our body requirements, from energy to muscle growth, from heat to immunity and from muscle mass to firm bone structures. Ideally, a balanced diet ought to include between 2500 to 3500 calories daily or even more especially for body builders in hyper intensive training routines. This calories should be split into several proportions, allocation each crucial nutrients type a particular percentage. For protein, 30 to 35 % is adequate to fire our growth to the optimal; for fats, 15 to 20% will ensure that we get adequate energy and still accumulate no fat deposits in the body; for carbohydrates, 40 % will supply enough energy fore a body builder and leave no excesses to be deposited in the body.

If you have followed our argument, you will have noted the calories needed in a day have been given 80-95% to the basic nutrients and a gap of at least 20- 5% have been left. This should not be filled up with supplements, as you are prone to think, but by specific minerals and compounds not contained in the meals. Whether taken from their naturally occurring sources or as supplements, minerals and compounds like all the types of vitamins potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and others must be supplied in quantifiable doses. Every meal must contain all the nutrients, tallied at the end of the day to the maximum number of calories needed by the body. That is why it is important to plan you meals in the morning or on the eve of every day, to ensure that one, the diet is balanced and two, that the diet has been proportionally assigned to all nutrients in the correct measure so as to tally the required amount of calories.

A balanced diet helps amplify health, increase speed and efficiency of our metabolism processes, amplify our immune system and makes food interesting as opposed to the boring diets most body builders have to force down their gullets.

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