Many diet plans and diet may be effective and healthy, but these three diets fat loss have their advantages and disadvantages.

1 Low Carb

The theory is that if we eat carbohydrates, your body will turn into fat as primary energy source. This diet was originally designed for the morbidly obese lose a large amount of fat in the body quickly, so it works. However, this type of diet usually means a lower fiber intake for most people and smoking can damage the digestive tract “types of acne”. Also, many people tend to go in the water, high cholesterol in meat and dairy products. The aim of the diet of fat loss will not replace one evil with another. Instead, try bigger and starches with vegetables and fruits that are low on the glycemic index.

2 low-calorie diet

Low-fat diet that really works well to burn fat burn more calories they consume each day. But it can be difficult to determine exactly how many calories you actually burn each day. Plan for the year in the next 90 days and the investigation how many calories you burn each year according to their size and age. Furthermore, research how many calories you burn when you’re in the gym. An easy way is to buy a step counter and keep it connected to a belt, so you can see how many steps each day. Around 2000-3000 the footsteps of a mile for most people. Then, on the basis of their knowledge about the amount of calories you burn during training, you can find out how much you burn on average for the rest of the day. If you continue with this and make sure you burn more calories from your diet low in calories consumed diet more effective for fat loss for you. “natural teeth whitening”

3 The raw diet

Raw food works well primarily because it has a cleansing effect on the body. Fat loss diets, raw food diet is better for overall health, but not necessarily the fastest way to lose weight. There is a theory that many toxins in the body to store fat, and when you eat only raw foods for the body and makes a clean break from his liver process toxins stored in body fat and a side effect is loss of fat . The problem is that a sudden change in nutrient intake, but consumption is nutritious, it’s the shock of his body in the form of hunger, even if you eat a lot. Make sure you have a vitamin and mineral supplements for compensation. home teeth whitening

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