Too much focus is put on diets and eating. The focus needs to be directed in other areas for a person to really experience true success. The commercial weight loss industry is known for pushing pre-package portion controlled foods, supplements/pills, and workout DVDs. There isn’t anything wrong with any of those items except some of the supplements and pills. Since so many overweight individuals look to the commercial industry they need to do more. They need to focus on why a person is overweight, devise a plan, and then and only then introduce the aforementioned items.

Normally when a person decides they want to lose weight and they go on a diet. The truth is that 95 percent of those who go on diets fail; the bad part, often they will gain more than they took off. Ouch! In my opinion diets don’t do any good and some can be harmful. Diets will have you on a seesaw all your life trying to reach your goal. Self-imitated diets, as well as professionally led diets, will not produce permanent weight loss or great health. Diets really don’t teach you a whole lot of what you really need to know about weight loss. They are always calorie restrictive or cutting out an entire group of food. They require you to sacrifice and cause major hunger. They also require you to give up all the foods you enjoy.

A lot of people go on diets and end up losing muscle mass along with some fat. This is not what you want t happen because muscle mass is needed to burn fat. Diets don’t support any type of healthy eating habits when it ends because you end up back where you where before. Calorie restriction and eliminating a food groups is not always good unless it is for medical reasons.

You need to break the diet mentality and take a different approach to achieve optimum weight loss and live a healthy life. Continue reading to see what I am talking about.

Plain and simple, weight loss begins in your mind. It doesn’t matter what the professionals tell you. If your mind is not on track you will not succeed with weight loss. Getting your mind straight will make weight loss a lot easier than you think. You see, your body does what your mind tells it to do. If your thoughts are constantly on eating horrible food that is what you will eat. If your have negative thoughts about exercising you will not put effort into doing it. If you have doubts in your mind about successfully losing weight it’s not going to happen. You will continuously experience the same results no matter what you try. Therefore you have to align your mind with your weight loss before starting anything. Make it a point to clear your mind of the negativity you have towards weight loss and exercising. This is a must! You have to renew your mind in order to experience true success.

Ash Timmons is a weight loss coach at Weight Loss Psyche who offers a free video and CD. She really has a passion for helping individuals achieve permanent weight loss. Her goal is to help as many people as she can that are currently overweight and feel completely hopeless. She wants to teach overweight individuals how to experience true success in a no nonsense way. She wants to teach you the same no nonsense principles that helped her lose 65lbs and she’s still losing.

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