1. Make It A Habit To Drink Plenty Of Water Daily

Drinking plenty of water daily is the primary key to prepare our body for a natural weight loss methods and keeping the weight off. When we do not have sufficient water in our body, there are a lot of things occur inside of our body.

First and foremost, our body will get dehydrated and this will make us thirsty. The trouble with thirst is that our body will begin to mistake “thirst” for the longing of something sweet, normally sweet water (sodas and so on). Hence we generally are not able to identify the thirst any longer and as soon as our body inform us that we require water, we will consume sweet water which will put sugar in our system thus adding additional pounds to our weight.

The second thing when we are dehydrated, our body starts to hold onto the water in its more strongly. The holding of water is known as water preservation and it causes us to bloat and bears extra weight than what we should have.

The third thing that happens when we are dehydrated, we do not properly digest our food and this will result in us carrying inside our colon more weight.

Lastly as soon as we are dehydrated we will get exhausted effortlessly and without doubt we will refuse to do our exercise. Therefore the primary key in natural weight loss methods is to begin drinking minimum of 8 glasses (8-ounce glass) of water daily or better yet 1 ounce of water to every 2 pounds of body weight.

2. Cut Sugar (Processed) And White Flour Intake From Your Body

Processed sugar and white flour is the major contributor to adding extra weight in our body. Both the foods, when they go into our system, they immediately converted into sugar as they are extremely over processed

When grains and complex sugars such as fruit, rice, whole grain bread and oatmeal go into our body, the stomach will break them up. Later the bowels starts to process or digest the foods which then will send vitamins and minerals to the blood stream. Starches from vegetable foods will be transformed to glucose to provide energy for the body.

However, with processed sugar and white flour, none of that happens. As the foods are already processed, the digestive system send out a large quantity of glucose to our system. This is a bad thing as the body needs just a small amount of glucose for energy at a particular time.

With the surplus glucose in the blood stream, the insulin increase abruptly to change the additional glucose into fat cells and followed by an adrenaline rush that will keep our insulin controlled. We get ‘sugar high’ from the adrenaline rush and we get ‘sugar crash’ when the adrenal glands calm down.

In a nutshell processed sugar and white flour need plenty of energy and calories to be digested properly and circulated in the our system. Unless you perform some heavy exercise and workout, they are going to end up as extra fat in the body.

Almost any food and water contain sugar and for foods made from flour be sure they are made from whole grain flour. So for natural weight loss methods choose what you consume.

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