Every person should learn to take care of his or her skin properly. There’s no better time to start caring for your skin than in your teen years. Because teenager’s skin is going through so many hormonal changes, they should be taught proper skin care. You can expect oilier skin that is more prone to breakouts when you reach your teenage years. Luckily, there are skincare items that can help make teenage skin healthier such as argan oil skin treatments and other commercial skincare products. Apart from opting for the right products, listed below are important skincare tips that you should consider:

Understand your skin type

Understanding your skin type is the most basic thing to do in order to take proper care for your skin. To be able to determine which skincare products suits you best, you first need to know everything about your skin. People have different skin types; some are oily while others are dry. This variation should be your point of reference in choosing the right skincare product.

Always guard your skin from too much sun exposure

Too much sun exposure can cause damage to your skin. When you don’t protect your skin from the sun, you are risking the possibility of dryness, irritation, burns, and worse, skin cancer. Make it a point to apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15 on your skin if you are planning to go out under the sun. When you employ proper protection to your skin, early aging is also more likely reduced.

Find a facial cleanser that suits your skin

Facial cleansing requires a special kind of soap, not the same bar soap you would use for a bath or shower. There are harsh ingredients in soaps than can result to dry or irritated skin. A proper way to avoid dry or irritated skin is to use a facial cleanser that suits your skin type. The excess oil and dirt on your skin can be washed away by this product. Wash your face twice a day, preferable in the morning and before bedtime, with the use of the cleanser. You can also use it to wash off makeup before you sleep.

Keep your skin moisturized

The thought that moisturizers are only good for people with dry skin is actually a misconception. If you have oily skin, you can still enjoy the benefits of moisturizing by choosing a light moisturizing product that is oil-free. When choosing moisturizers, look for ones that have SPF to make sure you are protected against the sun and at the same time keeps your skin hydrated. After washing your face with the facial cleanser, pat it dry with a soft towel and apply the moisturizer. You can choose to moisturize only once every day if your skin is very oily.

Remember to exfoliate on a weekly basis

To deep clean the pores, use exfoliating masks. On the other hand, the top and dry layer of the skin and dead skin cells can also be removed by using exfoliants. For a fresh and younger- looking skin, exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week with the use of these products. Skin breakouts and irritation is usually caused by over-scrubbing, so avoid doing so.

One of the ways to look your best is to love and take good care of your skin.

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