There is no shortage of advice to be found regarding fat loss tips. Every where you turn, from magazines, to the internet, and on TV, there is always some sort of ad promoting “fast ways to lose weight” while using some miracle contraption or following some new diet system, all of which promises to be the “answer you’ve been looking for”! With all the gadgets, gizmos and conflicting advice, it is easy to get lost in information overload.

Well, if I had to weed through all of the hype, what would be my choice for the 10 best fat loss tips? What nuggets of information have I gathered through my 10+ years of experience as a professional body transformation coach in the health and fitness industry? What strategies, secrets and tricks have I learned to be the most useful?

After careful deliberation, here is what I consider to be my “Top Ten Fat Loss Tips List”, in no particular order:

1. Fish Oils. Taking fish oil capsules regularly will boost your metabolism and help you get leaner faster. They are super healthy for you and they work. This is as close as you can get to a secret weapon for burning fat. Even though fish oils are healthy for most individuals, always consult with your Doctor before using any health supplement. He or She would know best if it is appropriate for you to use, and be aware of any possible harmful interactions with other medications, etc.

2. Green Tea. It’s inexpensive and it helps boost your metabolism. There’s a reason why green tea extract is one of the main ingredients in just about every fat burning product on the market. Give a cup of green tea a try instead of your regular latte or coffee fix!

3. Water, Water, Water. We all know that we should drink sufficient water through out the day, but doing it is another story. One practice that I follow is to start my day with two cups of water right off the bat, first thing when I get out of bed. Shoot for 10+ glasses a day!

4. Frequent meals. Every time you eat you boost your metabolism. 2500 cal of food eaten over 6 meals will give you a leaner body then if you eat the exact same 2500 cal of food in only 2 or 3 meals. The key is in smaller, frequent, meals!

5. Get Active. Walk, run, swim, jog, bike, hike, race, climb. Join a spin class, lift weights, take the dog for a walk, play tennis, play hockey. Whatever it is, you need to make fat loss fun by doing something you enjoy! Just do it and do it often.

6. Small changes add up to big results. Years ago I switched my coffee from “double double” to just fresh milk. I normally enjoy a couple of cups of coffee a day, but by switching to just fresh milk I have cut out 14 cream and sugars every week, or 730 cream and sugars in a year! This one tip will add up to noticeable results! You could lose up to 30+lbs in a year with this one change alone!

7. Strive for Excellence not Perfection. I find this to be the root of the problem for many people, myself included. Basically, most people fall victim to what I call “The All or Nothing Approach”, or the “Monday Morning Scenario”. Thoughts such as “I blew it so now I might as well wait until Monday morning to start fresh on my healthy eating plan” are your enemy! Thinking there is no in-between, that once you fail, you might as well fail big-time and eat what you want before you start again is self-sabotaging. How crazy is that? If you had stopped after the first bag of chips and eaten well during the rest of the day you would have been much better off.

8. Balance/Moderation is the key. I consider food to be one of life’s pleasures. I eat clean all week and then Friday night is for my scheduled cheat meal. When it is planed it’s a treat, not a cheat! When Friday night comes I’ll have whatever I want for a meal, dessert included. Ninety percent adhesion to a meal plan will actually give you pretty much the same results as never having an “off the plan” meal. The key, however, is making sure you’re really eating clean at 90% and not just 65% of the time.

9. Set Goals. It’s a proven fact; you’ll make better progress by setting a goal and writing it down. Be as clear-cut with that goal as possible – being vague won’t work!

10. Be Consistent. You didn’t gain the weight over night, so don’t expect to lose it over night either. If you have 30lbs that you want to lose, then give yourself a realistic time frame to achieve this. Two to three pounds per week in weight loss or 20-30 lbs over 2-3 months can be easily achieved with a healthy, balanced program.

Stick to these top 10 fat loss tips and I guarantee you’ll soon see results! And enjoy the ride!

Andy Pratt is a Certified Fitness Trainer, the creator of the Warrior Built Physique Transformation DVD System, and owner of the Personal Best Private Fitness Studio.

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