How can the cabbage soup diet produce weight loss at the rate that is advertised? It’s more that just a cabbage soup recipe for sure. The diet plan really is just partly about the soup that you eat. The real key to the potential weight loss has more to do with the overall plan and not too much to do with just the soup. Here are some ways that the plan works and why one would be interested in this idea anyway.

Certainly eating just cabbage soup for a week sounds like an odd form of torture no matter what sort of cabbage soup recipes one was to follow. The soup really is just a part of what this is about anyway. Really all the cabbage soup does as part of the diet is just to serve as a filler. See you can eat all the soup you want or all you can stand and that way you can skip the empty feeling that is part of so many diets and stay full instead of constantly hungry. Then the real key to the diet plan is the strict list and order of the foods you can eat.

There is a specific order and variety of foods permitted for eating on each of the days of the plan for the whole 7 days of the diet. The foods allowed each day during the week are different and you eat just the foods allowed for each day. Now if you look at the total of all the foods you can eat, there really are a good number of foods permitted for consumption. It’s just that on a particular day you only eat certain ones and only those allowed. Absent from the list are bread, desserts and most sweets making the diet a calorie restricted menu that is also quite low in fats as well. That in effect is the key to the weight loss with this way of eating. It’s not really the soup as a secret ingredient. It’s the calorie restriction and the low fats and carbohydrates that make for weight loss after all.

This is not a long-term healthy way to eat. After all, people need carbohydrates and fats to remain on good health and have the energy to get things done. However, many of us could do with fewer for a short time in trade for a loss of fat and weight in general.

Here’s my idea though. Losing weight in a sustainable fashion is so slow progress is almost impossibly slow. You change your eating and lifestyle habits and then see next to no results. The temptation then is to just forget it and eat all you see.

The cabbage soup diet can certainly fir within a long-term sustainable eating plan that will result in real weight loss that stays lost and not in long-term weight gain which is what you get with most diets. As a way to drop several ponds in a week, this type of plan will be a potential motivation to stick to a healthful lifestyle change that will really work for getting leaner and more healthy. After all the sustainable rate of weight loss is so slow that it’s a real plus to see a faster weight change so results are actually something that you can see.

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