There are a lot of people out there who are very much interested when it comes to engaging into a low glycemic diet and starting eating low glycemic food. And most of the times, these people will feel very much confused when picking the right food.

There will be a lot of foods out there that will surprise you a lot when it comes to the concentration of carbohydrates that they feature. Let’s take for example the standard chocolate cake that you will be able to find at almost any shop. This cake has 52 gr of carbohydrates, but if you would choose to eat carrots, they will provide you up to 8 times less than that, 6 gr. Yes, the cake has more carbohydrates, but when it comes to getting the cake and the carrots in the GI, the carrots will always rank higher, but they will never have your blood sugar levels impacted as much as the chocolate cake.

Also, you could be in for identical meals that will have the same score when it comes to the GI, but this will always depend on where those carrots were grown, how they were cooked and so on. For example the potatoes that you will be able to find din Australia, have a higher GI than the ones that you will find in America. Pastas are not excluded from the rule, as well. So if you will buy regular pasta, you will notice that the level of the GI they have will be much higher than the whole wheat ones. As a general guideline, you should know that all of the processed food will always have a higher GI level.

You will see that things will get a little more difficult when you will have docs and scientists determining the GI level in the foods, but once you will get to learn more about it, everything will become clearer. Also, the development of type 2 diabetes is still remaining an enigma to doctors in regards to the glycemic load and index.

Thus, there is absolutely no doubt that different foods will have a different impact on the glucose levels in our bodies, but when it comes to the complete carbohydrate, it will generally have a greater impact than the GI. You will always need to have fresh meals to eat, so that your body will be in a good condition.



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