People have been dieting for as long as I can remember. I have tried plenty of diets myself. Recently I have been learning about pH medicine and the value of having a balanced pH. It is not necessary to understand everything about pH and the body, but you should gets some pH strips and measure your own pH levels.

The pH scale is from 1 to 14, with 1 being very acid, and 14 being very alkaline. To remain healthy your body needs to be slightly above 7. There is nothing new about eating a vegetarian diet from organic foods, but adding in the pH factor is unknown to most people. How many times have you been told to eat your vegetables, and how good they are for your health, but were you ever told that you needed them to keep your acid/alkaline balance in proper proportion?

Maybe you have never heard of the pH miracle diet, but learning about the concepts and benefits to your health, you should be motivated to start eating this way. It is definitely not the normal American diet, and may be difficult to do, unless you can see the value in it.

What most people do not understand is their good health or lack of good health is determined by the food they eat. The standard American diet has made people overweight and unhealthy. Western medicine has no answers other than dealing with symptoms, never getting to the cause of problems.

The pH miracle diet is a total new way of thinking, and will be difficult because it is going against the norm, just like trying natural cures to health problems rather than traditional medicine. To do a pH balanced diet you will have to look at food in a new way, such as the importance of meat and dairy.

It is hard to make a complete 180 degree turn in anything in life, but with eating and cooking this can be extremely difficult because eating habits are hard to break. The good thing is that to change to a balanced pH diet it does not have to be done all at once. It can be gradually, changing one food at a time.

It is hard to stay on a radically different diet for a long time if you cut out all of your favorite meals all at once. The best approach is to go slowly at your own pace. Understanding why you should have the right acid/alkaline balance may get you motivated to try a pH diet, but you will not really learn the benefits until you start replacing the acid foods with alkaline foods and see how your body is being affected.

The goal of the pH miracle diet is to only eat 30% acid foods while eating 70% alkaline foods. Since everybody is different in their likes and dislikes, the success of the diet will be dependent on which aspects of the program you are willing to do. Once you understand the pH concept of food, you will be able to decide which of your favorite foods you are willing to give up.

When you see the pH of what you drink, such as alcohol or soda pop, you will understand why they are so detrimental to your health. A pH balanced diet is a new way of life. It is not just a fad diet to lose weight quickly, but once you understand how it is that acid foods make you fat, you should want to eliminate them from your diet.

There are lots of different foods, all with a certain pH value, so finding foods that will work for each individual should not be that hard. Most Americans have a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5 and would benefit greatly from changing to a mostly alkaline diet. If your pH level is below 5.5 you probably already have serious health problems, or you are headed that way.

An ideal pH balanced diet should be your goal, but it can be done at your own pace. For me it started by cutting down on pop with the intent to eliminate it completely. I have cut back on eating out, and have totally removed certain things from my diet. I have been drinking way more water, and have also started juicing.

Everyone needs to begin in their own way, deciding for themselves which acid-forming foods to replace with alkaline foods. The goal is to have a pH balance above 7.0 and become more healthy, and this can be done by eating alkaline foods. If you have been eating mainly acid-forming foods your body will need a time of adjustment to your new diet.

Rick Carpenter is an author and researcher interested in natural health. He has a web business called Secret Natural Health Cures where you can find information on natural ways to live a healthier life. His main interests are in pH medicine and Natural Allopathic Medicine.

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