The common name of tea is camellia Sinesis and it is found throughout Asia. There are many forms of tea available in the market like black tea, Green tea, White tea and Oolong tea. The tea offers many health benefits to its users like anti cancer and abundance of antioxidants in it.

The most common and popular variety of tea is the black tea. The leaves of the plant Camellia Sinesis is dried and fermented which gives the dark colour and rich flavour than compared with other types of tea. The antioxidant quercetin present in the black tea reduces inflammation and increases the immune system. But this amount of antioxidant present in black tea is less compared to other tea varieties.

Black tea contains more caffeine in it which gives more energy to the individual who consume it. The amount of caffeine that is present in the black tea depends on how much it is brewed. The flavour of black tea is awesome because of its caffeine content in it.

Black tea intake offers several health benefits to the individual like reduced risk of stroke, lower prevalence of diabetes and prevention of cancer. But high doses of caffeine will lead to adverse effects like anxiety, increased blood pressure and heart rate and ulcer.

The rolled leaves of the plant are used in the preparation of Green tea. It is not oxidized and less processed form of tea when compared to black tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidant named EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). This anti-oxidants EGCG is more powerful and helps to kill cancer cells without affecting other tissues in the body.

It is effective in lowering LDL cholesterol and prevents formation of blood clots thereby reducing the incidence of heart attack and stroke. Because of its anti bacterial activity, green tea is known to prevent tooth decay.

Green tea also contains some side effects which include insomnia because of its high caffeine content in it. The rare form of tea is the white tea which is prepared from the new growth buds of the plant camellia Sinesis. This is very different from other forms of tea because it contains only leaves in it.

White tea is not at all oxidized and is the least processed form than green and black tea. The process of withering is not involved in the preparation of white tea instead it is air dried. The caffeine content in white tea is higher than green tea and the taste of white tea is somewhat grassy.

White tea has rich anti viral and anti bacterial properties than green tea. The oolong tea stands between black and green tea with moderate oxidation. The taste of Oolong tea is bitter and tastes like sweet melon.

The health benefits of Oolong tea is not much praised by the nutritionist but it is commonly available in most Chinese restaurant. With the knowledge of various teas available in the market and its health benefits, one can choose the right type of teas required for them and get all the benefits available from them.

There are definitely many benefits to drinking tea. When you have a balanced diet coupled with drinking tea, it promotes a total body well being. Consuming tea will also improve your digestive system thus reducing the chances of you getting hemorrhoid.

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