Next to being a genius, losing weight is one of the hardest things to do. Ask anyone who has tried it. It even gets worse when you try to force the regimen by suddenly getting rid of some foods. The thing is weight loss like every natural bodily activity is a process. Gaining weight does not just start in one day. The weight gain is usually as a result of the combined effects of personal eating and exercising habits which must have led to the increased weight and more bodily fat. But even with all these, weight loss can be achieved if you follow some natural processes. If these are thwarted or short circuited, they may not produce the same results as when done correctly. If you want o lose weight and keep the fat off, here are the things you should do.

1. Have Food substitutes

It is a known fact that most weight loss regimens advice cutting back on one type of food completely. In most cases, the food to be cut off from your daily diet is either carbohydrates or fatty foods. While this may work for some people with a lot of discipline and will power, it often doesn’t work for the average guy. So, in order to avoid failing at the weight loss regimen, a simple substitute will do. If you were taking high carbohydrate foods before, substitute with low carb foods. The same goes for fatty foods. Instead of eating fried chicken, why not take the skinless chicken. This wll keep you in better shape while still making sure you have the foods you want.

2. Change Your Behavior Gradually

Truth is weight gain is as a result of a bad habit. So, targeting a change in the different behaviours -food habits for example- can help you cut back on your weight. One thing to note is gradual changes do not always work, but gradual changes such as leaving some food on the plate, reducing the amount of beer taken by drinking more water, cutting back on soda and taking fruits instead, will put you on the right track. Even though most weight loss programs have take this into consideration and help you let go of the habits gradually, the best thing is to cultivate habits that will last you the whole of your life. There is really no point spending a few weeks getting rid of the fat only to gain it again just because you picked up those habits after the regimen.

3. Slow down when eating

As simple and as ordinary as this sounds, it is often responsible for weight gain. Have you noticed that when you rush your meals or eat in a hurry, you get weak and tired and very soon, hungry? Most slim people do not gain weight because they never rush their meals. Do yourself a favor and borrow a leaf from them. Weight gain often occurs as result of the body trying to process too much at a time. In the process, it just converts the food to fat with just little really entering the blood stream as nutrients.

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