The scientific and reasonable collocation of foods is very important for human health, especially for women. To this end, experts propose an optimal diet model which is specifically suitable for the health of women.

One fruit:
Experts suggest that women should eat at least one fresh fruit which is rich in vitamins every day. If keeping this habit for a long period, they can receive significant effect of skin beauty.

Two plates of vegetables:
It is recommended that women should eat two plates of varied vegetables every day. Do not always eat only one kind of vegetable. It is better to eat some raw onion, tomato, celery salad, and radish, so as to avoid the loss of vitamin A, vitamin B1, and vitamin D caused by the heating and cooking. The actual daily intake of vegetables should be kept at about 400 grams.

Three tablespoons of vegetable oil:
The daily limit of cooking oil is three tablespoons, and it is better to use vegetable oil instead of animal oil. As the unsaturated fats contained in vegetable oil are very beneficial to make the skin bright and clean, build a slender body shape, and maintain the health of the cardiovascular.

Four bowls of rice:
Four bowls of rice every day can strengthen the body and beautify the skin. What’s more, try to eat less refined staple foods, and resist the temptation of delicious snacks.

Five kinds of protein foods:
Every day, women should eat 50 grams of meat (of course, lean meat is the best); 50 grams of fish; 200 grams of bean curd or soybean products; one eggs; and one glass of milk. This way of food collocation is not only very economical and practical, but also can reduces the intake of animal fat and cholesterol, so it is widely recognized as a healthy diet model.

Six kinds of spices:
Spice plays an indispensable in the daily diets. They not only can improve the taste of the dishes and promote the appetite, but also has the detoxicating and sterilizing effect, and can reduce the loss of water-soluble vitamins, maintain the balance of the osmotic pressure and blood acid-base in the body.

Seven glasses of boiling water:
Experts suggest that women should drink no less than 7 glasses of water every day, so as to supplement enough body fluids, promote the metabolism, and improve the health of the body. However, you should pay attention to drink less water containing sugar or pigment.

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