Weight loss foods are not necessarily foods that will make you lose weight as you eat them! That would be fantastic, but that’s just not the case. Weight loss foods are types of foods – beans, lean meats, vegetables – that will promote overall health, naturally speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. To get the most from these types of foods, they should be part of a healthy overall food plan that will help you get the most of what they have to offer.

Vegetables and fruits have to make the top of the weight loss food list. While some vegetables will be high in fat – think avocados – they will help you feel full longer, and contain very little calories, compared to their volume. Contrary to popular belief, vegetables are actually quite difficult to digest, so you will burn many calories just through the act of digesting them. On top of being full of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, vegetables and fruits are actually delicious – at least in most cases! Just make sure not to drown them in butter when you eat them!

Lean cuts of meat are an essential part of a healthy array of weight loss foods. Try to limit yourself to poultry, always without the skin, as well as fish and very lean cuts of pork – no bacon! Fish should always be baked, never fried, and the fat allowed to drain away as it cooks. Animal proteins are considered by many to be an essential part of a healthy human diet, and very often the tastiest!

Foods that will accelerate your metabolism, helping to burn calories and fat should also be considered as part of a weight loss food diets. Cayenne pepper – yes, the one that makes your eyes water – is an excellent metabolism enhancer, and will add flavor and adventure to your meals.

When considering what type of food can be considered a weight loss food, one should definitely use common sense! Unless you are adhering strictly to an Aktins-type diet, then eating exclusively protein should not be considered as such. Red meat in general can not be used as a weight loss food, although some exceptions do apply. What is really important is to consider your whole diet and not individual meals. You can allow yourself certain exceptions if your overall diet is healthy and balanced. For example, you could allow yourself one meal of junk food per week, provided all the others were healthy and balanced and full of weight loss foods.

To conclude your feast, how about some green tea? Green tea has been shown to not only enhance and accelerate your metabolism, but also boosts your immune system, helps lower your cholesterol and may prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It also seems to help with digestion!

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Cecil D. Murphy is a professional writer specializing in weight loss information. Find out more about Weight Loss Pills and Diet Pills, including Slim9, the new All-Natural diet pill, by reading our Slim9 Review.

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