Unlike the regular bikes available in stores today, Kazam Balance Bike is unique and one of a kind. It’s not complicated to learn for kids below 4 years old. Kids will really enjoy learning how to ride and balance on the bike. It even amazes many parents and kids with its innovative footplate and safety features. Compare to the previous designs, they made some improvements to the design this time and the Kazam Balance Bike now comes with very less possible risks for kids that is just novice in riding.

The product is complete with a tutorial that explains the safety features in detail and is equipped with a helmet that makes it all the more cost efficient. Kazam Balance Bikes are a great gift for your children, as they take into account entertainment, fun and are an ideal source of exercise. To further understand the safety features of this bike, it is better to know more about the concept of a balance bike and how they work. A run bike or commonly known as the balance bike is designed with no pedals, crankset, chains, with no training wheels and the activated hand brakes are optional.

To determine if the balance cycle is a good fit for your kid, they must be able to walk the product, while in a seated position. Kids may begin by standing on the saddle, then they can sit later on if they are already accustomed to the bike. These bikes are safe for kids even at 18 months old for it can help them learn the basic principles in riding. The concept “balance first, pedal next” is what the Kazam all about since it’s learning process says that balance should come first before anything else.

These bikes tend to increase coordination and are the closest your child can get to a traditional bicycle. The product is outfitted with a foot rest area, which makes the transition period to a regular bike all the more quicker and seamless. A Kazam Balance Bike is cost efficient, which is great considering the unfavorable economic weather conditions and excludes features that may pose a distraction for your young ones.

The product specifications are 33×22.5″ robust steel frame that comes with the air inflated tires. This cool bike is provided with a quick release saddle adjustment so it’s easier to customize the fit towards the size of the user. With the chrome handlebars, your child is able to get a better grip over the equipment and the multi spoke wheels make the bike feel all the more realistic. If you’re looking to jumpstart your kids riding experience in the right way, then there’s no better product than the Kazam Balance Bike.

If you are looking for the best prices for the Kazam Balance Bike and its accessories, then you may want to come on inside and visit Bicycles For Kids Online.

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