There are way too many young girls who have low self-esteem and self-confidence. These low levels are often related to the pressures that these girls feel to be beautiful, to be capable, and to be like the superwoman on the television.

Many of these young girls end up hurting themselves as a result of these pressures, particularly during the teenage years. It is very important to build up teenage girls as much as possible to help them get through this difficult time and become confident and capable women.

Helping teenage girls build self-confidence and self-esteem is a process that begins when they are little. Many believe that the Disney princesses teach young girls to be more concerned with beauty and looks rather than with real self-worth.

However, if these princesses are presented correctly by parents, they are actually great models of various morals that can build self-esteem and self-confidence. For example, Cinderella is very kind.

If parents taught that princesses were loved by all because of their kindness and inner virtues rather than their beauty, young girls may learn to be kinder instead of focusing on beauty. Snow White exemplifies the value of service and Mulan exemplifies the value of courage.

Many of the princesses have challenges that must be overcome and young girls can relate with that. As they see the princesses overcome the challenges with moral values, they will more likely to develop these morals in their own lives, rather than suffer from self-esteem issues.

There are many other things you can point out that will help your teenage daughter feel more comfortable in her own skin as well. The first thing you will want to make sure she learns is how to smile.

People like other people who are happy and who smile. In addition, smiling can make your feel happier and much better than you did, even if you did not feel like smiling in the first place.

Many self-esteem issues stem from the feeling that other people do not like them. While most of the time this is not true, smiling can help others feel that your daughter is approachable and she may make some new friends.

Good posture is another thing that can help your teenage daughter. For example, a slouching teen is much less likely to get a good job offer than a teen that stands up straight, everything else being equal.

As your teen gets more offers to do things, she will be able to gain more experience and confidence in herself. In addition, standing up straight helps you feel more confident and improves future health conditions by taking a lot of pressure off of the back and shoulders.

Another thing you should teach your child how to do is make eye contact with other people. Many teenagers are very shy and feel very uncomfortable looking at other people.

When they do not make eye contact it puts up walls between them and other people so that they will make fewer friends and they will not be offered as many opportunities. Even if your teen does not feel confident, learning to make eye contact anyway can help your teen appear more confident.

As people treat her like she is confident, she will often grow to fit that role. This is very similar to boldness.

It can be difficult to be bold, but as your teen gains confidence and begins to exhibit boldness many other options will open up. Boldness does not only apply to jobs and careers, it also applies to party situations where your daughter will have to stand up to peer pressure.

Every time your teen is bold and it turns out well, as it will most of the time, it will become easier for her to be confident and bold naturally. One of the things that teens tend to do which is really self-destructive is review what is wrong with themselves over and over again.

As they review what is wrong, the things they feel that are ‘wrong’ become more and more problematic and they will feel more and more insecure. It can help your teen out tremendously if your encourage them to do what they love and feel like they are good at.

As they spend time on what they are good at, they will be less focused on what they have trouble with. When they become more self-confident through doing something that they love, it will become easier for them to do the things that they have trouble with.

Terry Daniels has been working with children’s confidence programs for the past 10 years. He has written hundreds of articles about confidence and real-life fairy tales. He recommends this Daddy Daughter Ball for the ultimate princess experience.

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